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Best ways to promote my adf.ly links?


Junior Member

I'm always looking to increase the money I make through the adf.ly shortening service, but I can't seem to find some good ways of getting people to view my links.

Does anybody know of some good techniques to getting more clicks to my adf.ly links?

Thanks in advance! :)
Most forums and sites already frown upon Adfly links and other similar linking programs, so I wouldn't advice using those in forums. I think the best way is to put it under Youtube videos or maybe a blog. Whenever I find links that I find worthy to click on, even if there would be a five second ad wait, they have always been in specialty blogs and Youtube videos (although not so much on Youtube anymore these days). Just make sure that the content is desirable enough that people would actually like to click it.
I think a good way to promote adf.ly links is by using that kind of URL when offering downloads. If the download is worth it then your users and viewers won't mind the wait time. And if the download gets popular you are going to be making some good money.

As DrRipley said placing that kind of links on forums isn't always a good idea. There are a few forums where there won't be any problem on doing so, specially the forums with discussions about making money online. There I have seen people posting their adf.ly links. At the end it's just like with the downloads, if the link is to a good site there people won't mind watching an ad.
Yes, I agree that using that kind of URL when offering downloads is the best option to go with for this purpose. Thanks for nice input.
Actually before I'm using that adf.ly and post it to my page on Facebook and some pages and group I have, but I don't know what happened why the Facebook banned that site. so, honestly I also don't know where I able to post that. I think in other website, they allowed that and not consider as spam. adf.ly is gonna be a good passive income, but well, not allowed anymore in Facebook.