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Recent content by Tony

  1. Tony

    How to create an OTT apps for your brand?

    Thanks for sharing this opportunity for all of us to take part in learning it. I have also been watching YouTube videos on how do master this too and it's been very helpful too.
  2. Tony

    Does any of them works? Anyone have experience?

    I have used the application and it's a very good one especially with your pictures editing. If you have any use for it, I'm definitely going to recommend it.
  3. Tony

    Does Anyone Know of any Legit Contest Sites?

    I have used only Giveaway Frenzy and The Balance Everyday. They are very good options but I haven't been lucky to win any of their contests. I'm thinking of joining some survey website to make money from it.
  4. Tony

    It does not work. Why?

    It's sad that I don't have any knowledge on how to code yet. I'm going to register on one of Udemy courses today and start my journey on learning how to code. I wish I could help you with this but I can't.
  5. Tony

    Validation does not work

    I have been trying to get into learning how to code for a while now but I have been able to do it. Reading about this now have picked on my interest again. I'm going to checkout Udemy courses and see which one to join in coding .
  6. Tony

    How does e-marketing effects on online business?

    Once you have a decent number of subscribers to your mailing list, making use of email marketing will always be very good. This is because you will always stand a good chance in converting a few customers from it.
  7. Tony

    Best social media sites for marketing?

    Facebook and Instagram will automatically be my favourite social media platforms for products and services marketing. I have been making use of them for the past 5 years and I have good results from them.
  8. Tony

    Online Games

    There are just two online video games which I played last and they are ; 1. Red Dead Online 2. GTA Online. Red Dead Online used to be very good till Rockstar stopped supporting the game.
  9. Tony

    Offline or Online marketing?

    I don't have a physical shop yet, so I'm only marketing online and it's actually working very well for me so far. Once I have a physical shop where customers can walk in, I will start offline marketing.
  10. Tony

    How can I extract tweets from Twitter easily?

    This is exactly what I also make use of whenever I want to download my Tweets. It's very easy to use that you wouldn't get confused or look for tips on how to use it.
  11. Tony

    How effective is blog commenting?

    I don't have any knowledge on how blog commenting works. I know a little about the use of backlinks but not enough to jump in on blog commenting. I hardly visit blog websites.
  12. Tony

    Forums vs social Media

    The sad truth is that a lot of people are moving away from the use of forums to social media sites recently. It's something that we can't stop because of the way they can use and abuse social media sites unlike forums.
  13. Tony

    What do you do to advertise your site?

    I make use of social media sites to advertise my website. There are billions of users on different sites that will have access to my website when I have it advertised on social media platforms.
  14. Tony


    I don't like spamming and as a result of that, I don't engage in using it as a way to drive traffic to my site. I wouldn't accept it been done on my own site too. It makes a mess of everything and puts the site in chaos.
  15. Tony

    Forum signatures: a good way to advertise?

    The problem with making use of forum signatures is that some forums where you're going to post on doesn't allow the use of signatures. They usually believe that it's going to take their members away to a prospective rival.