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Recent content by Roberto

  1. Roberto

    Favourite websites?

    It would have to be Facebook that is the website that I visit on daily basis because there are so many pages that I follow to get business ideas to use for my fashion business which is very important to me. I also visit pages on Instagram through which are also related to function as well on...
  2. Roberto

    What game has the most annoying loading times?

    Skyrim is the worst amongst the one's that you have mentioned. It gets so bad most of the time that I would give up playing the game that very day. I only play Skyirm when I have the patience to wait for it.
  3. Roberto

    What makes you feel happy?

    As long as I'm alive, I will always be very happy because it is not everyone that went to bed that wake up this morning still being alive. Once you are alive, you will be able to meet up with every program that you want to take care of.
  4. Roberto

    Do you like chatting on Discord?

    I have only been using WhatsApp for my chatting experience for years and I like it there. A friend introduced me to Discord last night and I have already downloaded and setup the application but I'm not finding its navigation very easily.
  5. Roberto

    Time Management Techniques.

    I have my schedule application which I use to manage my daily activities. It keeps me to keep updated with everything I need to do because without it, I always miss out on some jobs.
  6. Roberto

    Programming and my love-hate relationship for it.

    Programming is something that requires patience when it comes to learning and getting used to it. I tried to rush it and discovered that it's not the best way to learn it.
  7. Roberto

    Favorite coding language and why

    CSS have always been my favourite coding language. It's what I was introduced to at first and I picked up very quickly. I'm getting used to Javascript now.
  8. Roberto

    How many hours do you code everyday?

    If my full time job is coding, I will be doing it every day. The most important thing is that I'm doing something that I love. I only have time to code during the weekend.
  9. Roberto

    My Gmail can't sync

    I started having issues with my Gmail account yesterday. I found out that I stopped receiving new emails and when I tried to sync my account, it keeps giving me the notification of failed to sync. What's could be the cause of that?
  10. Roberto

    How much do you make from graphics design monthly?

    For those that are getting jobs frequently on graphics designs projects, how much do you make from your jobs on monthly basis? A friend of mine earns at least $500 monthly from his jobs on graphics design. I'm still learning and I hope to get better at it quickly.
  11. Roberto

    Do you use Power Bank?

    Having Power bank is a very big necessity for me. This is because we always have electricity failure. We might stay up to two weeks and we won't see light. The power bank helps me still have devices charged.
  12. Roberto

    What's your favorite laptop brand?

    The first laptop brand that I used was a DELL product. I can't remember the exact model but it was that good. I think I used it for at least 5 years before I have it changed. Now, my favourite is HP.
  13. Roberto

    Do you have a nickname?

    Having a nickname is something we do very well when we were kids. My peer group always comes up with hilarious ideas when it comes to nicknames. Do you have anyone when you're still a kid or even now as an adult? My nickname now is Hades 😂.
  14. Roberto

    What's your favorite MS application?

    Microsoft Office Applications are very good tools that helps us get most of our office tasks done. MS Word is most commonly used MS Office Applications. But my favourite is Excel because of how important it is. What's your one?
  15. Roberto

    What's your favorite outdoor activities?

    There are so many outdoor activities which anyone can engage in. I love outdoor activities because I'm an extrovert. It makes me happy. My favourite outdoor activities are ; 1. Playing football 2. Hiking 3. Camping