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HTML5 Video and Embed tag use for Flash .SWF file and .mp4 file with either custom .swf player or HTML5 player?


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Hello All,

Currently i am altering my existing web application code from flash<object> to HTML5 <video> and <EMBED>.
I have a situation to use my own flash player which has complete play controls for playing the video. Because it is to make sure that across the web page same design view should be there.
I have created a sample test page also and tried it. Here i can solve either one solution only.

Solution 1:
<div id="blk-1" class="toHide" style="float: none; vertical-align:middle">
<video width="640" height="360" controls>
<!-- MP4 must be first for iPad! -->
<source src="https://ins-trs.com/tracker/webapplication/data/videos/Japan.mp4" type="video/mp4" /><!-- Safari / iOS video -->
-- Here the controls for the video is default of HTML5 and it works.

Solution 2:
<div id="blk-6" class="toHide" style="float: none; vertical-align:middle">
<embed src="https://ins-trs.com/tracker/webapplication/data/videos/Mouseover.swf"
width="640" height="360"
-- Here .swf file run with out control buttons to handle the video.

<div id="blk-7" class="toHide" style="float: none; vertical-align:middle">
<object width="640" height="360"
<embed src="https://ins-trs.com/tracker/webapplication/data/videos/Mouseover.swf"
width="640" height="360" >
-- Here "video_player.swf" player loads in the screen, but " Mouseover.swf" video is not loaded inside my player after long time and no error also.

My Question is,
1) Is it possible (Solution1)to tell <VIDEO> of HTML file to load via my "https://ins-trs.com/tracker/webapplication/data/videoplayer/player_swf/video_player.swf" player fpr .MP4 files to load?
2) How to enable or set the player buttons for the .swf extension video which is running in solution2 above?
3) How to load the .swf video inside my custom own player(solution3)?

Attached as image my own custom player with controls -- (https://ins-trs.com/tracker/webapplication/data/videoplayer/player_swf/video_player.swf)
Attached image for your reference.
I hope some would come across these situation. It will be great help for me to understand more and update my knowledge.

Thank you for your time reading my question.