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How to split large PST files


Splitting a PST file can be a problematic task, you can split the by manual ways or by using a PST splitter tool. In my opinion, using a tool is the best option, you have to just drag and drop the files and the and your task will be completed.
The user can simply separate the large Outlook PST files into small files, by the help of Outlook PST Splitting guide to disjoin the big PST items according to your requirement. It will help to divide the PST items by date, year, size and folder option. This method works with all latest version of Outlook and Windows OS. To know more read this manual:- https://www.softakensoftware.com/blog/split-pst-file.html
There are multiple solutions are available that Splits PST for Mac files into smaller ones. This helps to prevents file corruption. I found a few solutions that can easily split large sized pst files into small outlook data files. Split by year, date, and size is possible with multiple tools. I used this utility when my outlook was slow and facing the memory issues. I used this tool:- http://www.toolscrunch.com/mac-split-pst.html