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How to make money with the Amazon affiliate program


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Inside Amazon Associates, you’ll find a variety of means to generate affiliate links. You can start placing these links on your blog or website to redirect visitors to Amazon. By clicking these affiliate links, people will be redirected to specific products you recommend on Amazon, and when they purchase something you will be making a commission for each sale.

Amazon offers three ways to add product links and ads on your website: Text links, Banners, and Native shopping ads.

Text links​

By far the most efficient way to refer a visitor to Amazon is by using a text link within your website content. According to Darren Rowse from Problogger, who made hundreds of thousands from the Amazon affiliate program, 99% of conversions come from text links.

An example of affiliate text links within the content:

“Check out this golf club. I’ve been using these types of clubs for the last three months. If you want to try one, buy it for only $112 and get free shipping.”

How to get text links inside Amazon Associates:
  • After logging into your account, click on “Product Links” found under the “Product Linking” tab on the black bar.
Amazon Associates

  • Search for the item you want to link.
  • Click the “Get Link” button to the right of the item.
Get Link

  • To get a short link, click on the down arrow beside the “Get Link” button and click on “Shorten URL.”
  • Choose if you want Text and Image, Text Only, or Image Only, and select color options and if you want it to open in a new window.
Customize and Get HTML

  • Copy the HTML code in the box under “Get HTML Code For This Product Link.”
  • Paste the HTML code into the preferred section of your website.


The easiest way to get a link on your site is by using a banner ad. However, it’s been proven not to be the most efficient way to generate sales.

An example of an Amazon banner ad:

Top Brands

How to get banner links inside Amazon Associates:

  • After logging into your account on affiliate-program.amazon.com, click on “Banners” found under the “Product Linking” tab on the top black bar.
Amazon Associates

  • Scroll down and select the category you would like to get a banner for.
Banner Links

  • You can choose which size banner you want by clicking on the size below the category you selected, or you can scroll through the list to find the one you want.
  • Copy the HTML code below the banner you want and paste it into the code for your website.

Native Shopping Ads​

Native ads are also not the most effective way of collecting sales and commission. They look beautiful, but they don’t convert as well as text links. You get fewer clicks because they look like an ad.

An example of a Native Shopping Ad:

Related Products

How to get Native ads links inside Amazon Associates:
  • After logging into your account on affiliate-program.amazon.com, click on “Native Shopping Ads” found under the “Product Linking” tab on the top black bar.
  • Choose which type of Native Shopping Ad you would like by clicking on “Create Ad Unit” and selecting from the following:
Shopping Ads

  • Recommendation Ads are ads that automatically display relevant product recommendations from Amazon based on your page content and visiting users.
  • Search Ads are ads that allow your visitors to take advantage of search results from Amazon directly on your website. They include product recommendations based on search phrases or keywords selected by you or entered by your visitors.
  • Custom Ads let you handpick your favorite products that you would like to promote and place the ad unit within your product article posts.
  • Select the Categories of items that you would like to have in your ads, as well as the Fallback (in case the item or category is unavailable at some point on Amazon.com, this will fill in) and any Advanced Settings such as size.
Related Products

  • Copy HTML code and paste it into the code on your website.
For more information, visit Amazon’s official page with Product Links, Banners, and Native Shopping Ads.


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Choosing affiliate products to promote​

People buy just about everything on Amazon. You should be able to find a good selection of related products to promote, whatever your site niche is.

The first thing you can do is check the Best Sellers page. On the left side, you can browse through Departments and pick a product category relevant to your website.

Amazon Best Sellers

Always go with products closely related to your site niche. You can choose a broad category and niche down to the specific products to target visitors looking for particular items. This way, visitors are much more likely to click through and buy.

For example, Camera & Photo > Accessories > Bags and Cases > Filter Cases.

When it comes to what price point of items to promote, the rule of thumb is to go for middle-priced items. The low-priced items are usually easy to sell, but you receive too low of a commission. On the other hand, high-end products have much higher fees but won’t sell as easily.

This means that the best approach is to go for items around the $50 – $200 mark. At this price point, your commissions are good, and the items will be easier to sell.

Keep in mind that it’s important to promote high-quality products. So, keep an eye on the customer reviews and ratings.

What type of content to write as an Amazon affiliate​

Now that you understand which products you can promote, it’s time to work on creating content that will drive visitors who are ready to buy products towards your website.

We are not going to discuss keyword research here. Instead, we will reveal what type of articles work best when it comes to making affiliate sales.

Product reviews​

These are the most popular articles that people write and use to make money on Amazon. Pick any product within your niche and write a review about it.

Doing a quality review for a product related to your niche is the best way to get higher click-through rates and make affiliate sales.

This segment is also becoming more and more popular with all of the “unboxing” content that has emerged in the last few years. It’s evident that customers love reading in-depth product reviews from real people.

Example of page titles:
  • Apple MacBook Air review
  • Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Body review

The best products​

It’s no secret…people are always looking to buy the best things available. These people are usually happy to spend more money to get the best possible goods.

Also, this type of content gets a ton of traffic if you can rank it high in search engines. Some bloggers believe that this content brings in the highest converting traffic.

Example of page titles:
  • The best laptops for students 2022
  • The best headphone for runners 2022

Products comparison​

With so many brands and products available today, it’s not always an easy process to choose what products to buy. People need to compare products before they make their final decision. If you can provide enough information and make accurate recommendations, visitors will purchase the goods that you recommend.

Example of page titles:
  • iPhone 12 vs. Galaxy S20
  • Leica M10 camera vs. Canon 5D Mark IV

Sales, promotions, and discounts​

Amazon has hardly any products that don’t have a listed discount. Keep an eye out for these kinds of promotions because they can be well worth promoting (if relevant to your readership).

Example of page titles:
  • Cheap MacBook Pro for sale
  • Get Samsung Galaxy S20 10% off coupon

How to choose​

When people are planning to buy a product in a category that they never bought before, they often have tons of “newbie” questions. If you create useful “How to choose” content and walk them through picking a particular product, they will listen to your advice and make the purchase.

Example of page titles:
  • How to choose the best mattress
  • How to choose the best golf clubs

New products launch​

Product launches are hot. There certainly is a lot of competition for writing about them, but there is an equally large amount of people consuming content about new products. If you can grab a part of a launch’s traffic and make it convert, this can easily be worth your while.

Example of page titles:
  • New iPhone 12 features and prices
  • New beats headphones 2022


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I've always been looking for an opportunity to join Amazon affiliate marketing and it seems like you have provided me with the information I need to start out on the project. I'm going to take my time to study the material that you have just uploaded in this content and see exactly the things that I need to do so that I don't get anything wrong.