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How To Find the Right CPA Offer?


New member
It’s very important to find out the right CPA Offer. There have many types of offers, you have to choose depending on your niche or category.

If you are a newbie, you have no website. So you should find out sample tasks as email submits, zip submits, and download anything.

If you have websites, you want to monetize your site by CPA offer. I’m giving an excellent way of finding the right CPA offer for your niche site.

It’s very easy by using some sites.
Go to oDigger.com and OfferVault.com. They are the search engines for CPA offers and networks like Google.

You can search depending on category, keyword, price, and networks
For example, You have a site on the “Diet or Health” niche.

You can search for” weight loss” or “Diet Control” keywords.
Then you will get details of many offers like this
Offer Vault Search

You shouldn’t join any network and promote any offer before checking any offer details.

Click on Landing Page for a preview to take a look at, how to see the page when anyone clicks on your affiliate link. If it shows real or good and like professional, you can take it. But if it shows shady, there have no charge to convert any traffic to action.
CPA Offer Landing Page Example

Always take the CPA offer which has a professional landing page. Then see the language of the offer, it means which location, you must promote the offer.

The next attention to look at is the payout rate, which is how much you get paid when you make a conversation on the offer. Then you have to see the type and category of the offer, and what you should do for that offer for getting paid.
CPA Offer Details

If the offer looks good and you are able to promote this offer, the next step is to check the network review of it.

Now just copy the network name. There has a good affiliate reviews checker site Affpaying.com.

Go to Affpaying and paste the name of the network which offer you want to promote. There you will see many searches result.

Click on the search link and you will get huge information about the network including payment methods, payment frequency, and referral commission. You have to see the rating distribution. If it’s good, it means that’s a real network that you can join.

CPA Network Checker

Once you’re approved on the network, you can start promoting the offer on your site and by other techniques.

Simple this way, you can find out your right offer for promoting.


New member
This looks very interesting. I haven't thought about utilising this means to make money yet but after reading all through this information, I'm not looking at the possibility of giving it a try.


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Alfred Smith

New member
1. Research your target audience: Start by researching your target audience and their needs. What type of products or services do they need? What kind of information or advice would be most helpful to them?

2. Evaluate CPA offers: Once you have identified your target audience, you can begin to evaluate CPA offers. Look for offers that match the needs of your target audience. Consider the terms and conditions of the offers and ensure they are a good fit for your business.

3. Test out the offer: Once you have identified a few CPA offers that fit your target audience and business, test out the offers. This can include running a few campaigns with different offers to see which one delivers the best results.

4. Monitor the results: Monitor the performance of your campaigns. Pay attention to the conversion rates, cost per lead, and other important metrics. This will help you determine which offer is the best fit for your business.

5. Make adjustments: As you monitor your campaigns, make adjustments as needed to optimize your results. This may include changing the offer, adjusting the budget, or tweaking the targeting.