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How to Convert HTML site to WordPress?


New member
Hello friends,
Can anyone please tell me the process to convert the basic HTML site to WordPress? I am working on a school management website, it is basically built-in HTML and CSS but for more flexibility, I want to convert it into WordPress.

JDoe Pro

New member
Not sure if you still need help on this, but you create a template in WordPress by taking your basic HTML page and inserting the code that WordPress needs to call the editor capability.

At the top of your HTML page you include this:
<?php /* Template Name: YourPageName */ ?>

Then within the page, where you want to be able to edit, add the loop, which looks something like this:
if (have_posts()) :
while (have_posts()) :

This should work but may depend on your theme and host.
When you want to edit a page, choose the template you just created (YourPageName) from the right column.
Create a New Theme Folder and Necessary Files. On your desktop, create a new folder to hold your theme files
Copy Existing CSS Into New Stylesheet
Separate Your Current HTML
Finalize Your Index
Upload Your New Theme.