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    Looking for reviews about my website

    Reviews for your websites Highlight one per week in the header List a few in the sidebar on the About Us page Embed a carousel with the 9 best on your homepage Address bad business reviews in a Blog Post
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    The new HTML semantic elements

    A semantic element clearly describes its meaning to both the browser and the developer are semantic elements <form> , <table> , and <article> - Clearly defines its content..
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    How important are responsive websites today? What's your take on this matter?

    There are several new websites created every day, each better than the other advanced in technology and the best web design India services has made it Google has put importance on responsive web designs because responsive designs improve user experience and therefore more users visit the site...
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    Which platform is good for a website?

    WooCommerce is the best single platform to run ecommerce But the ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify sell better, but not by much It works with WordPress to turn any website into a functional ecommerce store.
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    How to split Outlook PST file

    Install KDETools PST Splitter. Click on Open Button and browse the PST file You can also select the desired location to save PST file Click on the checkbox to split PST File by size Select Message Split option to select a particular date to split data items.
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    Why learn Jquery

    The purpose of jQuery is to make it much easier to use JavaScript on your website and The library jQuery sole purpose is to make writing code easier and also simplifies a lot of the complicated things from JavaScript, like AJAX calls and DOM manipulation. The jQuery library contains some...
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    Blackhat SEO

    Blackhat SEO techniques are not a good practice to improve traffic to the website. Black hat SEO techniques will not follow google rules and guidelines if we attempt blackhat SEO techniques google will penalize or block the website ...
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    The importance of the right software with SEO

    Wordpress is the best technology for SEO friendly website, it has many responsive themes and plugins...
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    Spamming can work sometimes, but its not a good practice...
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    Facebook Pages and Groups

    Facebook is a good social media platform to promote our business, other than facebook page facebook groups are more helpful ...
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    Where Do You Get The Best Free Fonts?

    1. Google Fonts 2. FontBundles Free font Collection 3. Dribble... etc
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    What single SEO technique works best for you?

    You better start your SEO techniques like : 1. On-Page Optimization Techniques 2. Off-Page Optimization Techniques...
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    Any good tutorial for learning HTML5?

    You have many resources to learn HTML5 online, prefer websites like W3Schools or Tutorials point and take courses on and Codecademy...etc. And follow some youtube videos related to HTML5... these all will help you to learn HTML5.
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    How to increase page loading speed

    1. Clear all cache files 2. Optimize Images 3. Optimize content 4. Minify CSS files 5. Minify code 6. Reduce server response time...etc these will help you to improve in website loading speed...
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    Do you play PC or Console games?

    I Prefer to play PC games only...
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    What is your best music online website?

    Best music online websites: Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music... etc
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    To build backlinks follow these : 1. Forum submissions 2. Social bookmarking 3. Participating in question and answer websites 4. Blog creation and blog commenting 5. Guest posting 6. Article/Classified submissions 7. Image sharing 8. Infographic submissions 9. Local business listings...etc
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    Forums vs social Media

    We can advertise on forums or social media, it depends on our requirement and needs. I prefer to advertise on social media because it helps to increase the website audience, to create brand awareness and to increase traffic...
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    Blog and Forum Backlinks

    Blog commenting and forum submissions are still helpful in SEO, to gain traffic and to get quality backlinks these techniques will help...
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    Directories and Social Bookmarking for SEO

    Yes, Directory submissions will not work. Coming to social bookmarking prefer high domain authority social bookmarking websites to submit your links, these will help you get genuine backlinks...