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    Live audio stream from arduino iot

    I want to connect an audio source to an esp32 arduino, and listen to this audio on a browser over a network. I have developed some really simple webpages using the esp32, I'm a noob but not totally green. I was thinking of using the <audio> tag then uploading raw audio from the esp32 using its...
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    Control the scroll bar

    I found it, there are some commands to control the scroll position. Probably could have worded the op better, I want to position the screen at a certain scroll position on the page. Anyways I have what I need.
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    Control the scroll bar

    I'd like to be able to move the scroll bar around within the page. Any pointers?
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    Newcomer, embedded electronics

    Hi all, hope I get on well here. I'm an electronics engineer that has fairly recently got into web based hardware. I've written a few simple webpages that contain canvas gauges & controls for various equipment. I was wondering if this would be a good place to enquire about various issues I have...