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    The new HTML semantic elements

    With HTML 5, they introduced some new semantic lemenst, head, main, section, article, aside. Does anyone use this I cannot see any difference in them in actual practice. And with CSS grids the terms are all mixed up.
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    Are many of you using CSS Grids?

    CSS Grid has been out for a few years now Are you using it as part of your CSS. To me as a beginner they look to be a good system, especially when it comes to designing for mobiles as well as desktops
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    how much do you charge per hour vs experience?

    There is also the question of where you are from. Eg are you a programmer in the USA or India or Pakistan? $100 is not much in the USA, but in Pakistan it may feed your family for a month
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    how much do you charge per hour vs experience?

    Sometimes when I ask for someone to do work for me they ask me my budget! I think this is the wrong approach. I have no idea what things will cost, so how can I budget. I want to buy a new car, I am on a retirement pension, so my budget is $2,000 Then I find out they are $30,000
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    The 3 basic formatting features of HTML

    I am so pleased that they have made HTML5 it looks much easier and cleaner. With all the new semantic elements. Now I just have to start trying to learn it I am going to go with CSS Grids (whcih I ahve just ound)
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    How long did it take you to learn CSS?

    I started learning CSS 5 years ago and then stopped website work (for my own amateur project) It took me a few months Now (2020) with HTML5 it looked to be easier. But it has got more complicated with so many options Bootstrap, Frameworks etc And the need to code for mobile as well as desktop...
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    Why use HTML when there is Squarespace etc

    Hello I am starting a new website, only an amateur. I have used HTML4. But why do people use HTML5 etc when there are programs like Squarespace and Dreamweaver. Is it to save costs, or be better or more flexible (my g/f tells me I am wasting time learning HTML5)
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    HTML versus Square Space, Wix, Dreamweaver etc

    Hello With all the quick and easy create your own website in minuts sites, Do you still think the HTML and CSS hard coding is the way to go?
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    My text and links are all down the left side

    Hello I'm a bit of an amateur But I had a website going well Now all of a sudden all of my text and links are shown hard left. Thsi happened to me 5 years ago, but I have forgotten the cure. Any suggestions?