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  1. Sara

    Do you wear wrist watch?

    Everybody likes getting the best for themselves. You can buy fake because it won't last. You go for the best because it will last longer and also avoid unnecessary spending of wristwatch.
  2. Sara

    How do you save your money?

    That's the only way that ladies spend their money and I never for once bashed them because of that though you should learn to save some money. We love looking nice for our family, coworkers and even friends. Buying more beautiful clothes can help to radiate our beauty.
  3. Sara

    How often do you make graphics?

    That's a very good job you are doing there. You can ask your friends that have jobs if it's possible to design a flyer for them for their businesses. I believe you can also get clients from there.
  4. Sara

    Illustrator or Photoshop?

    Both are good applications for designing. If you are an expert in them, you won't find designing to be hard at all.
  5. Sara

    Firefox or Chrome?

    Exactly, it's all about finding balance. If I wanted to open more than one tab, I can use Chrome and Brave in order to save time and also find what I was looking very fast.
  6. Sara

    Have you ever been to a concert before?

    You will have fun if you have friends or a friend that come with you unless you are an extrovert that can start communicating with strangers and mingle with them as if you have known them some time ago. Someone can like me will always want to go with a friend or friends so that it won't look...
  7. Sara

    Play mobile games or play outdoor games

    I love outdoor games more than indoor games. Even though that indoor games are necessary for the kids but I also want them to also have some fun while outside. Outdoor games first before house games.
  8. Sara

    Firefox or Chrome?

    Chrome has been my best. It's more faster and durable for me. I have chrome in my smartphone and laptop. I make use of Firefox but it's not everything that I can browse with it.
  9. Sara

    What music are you listening to right now?

    It's about to rain here and the weather is changing. I need a cool and calm song that can make my night to be overwhelming. I am already on the sofa awaiting the rain.
  10. Sara

    How is the weather in your area

    We are now in rainy season in Nigeria and it's about to rain again. It rained heavily yesterday and everywhere was messy this morning. I love rainy season because I always stay at home whenever it's raining and it makes the environment to be cool.
  11. Sara

    Favourite culture for food

    Every culture has its best food and they are good in their own ways. African foods are the best so far. I don't know about other cultures and how their food tastes but I have had some of the food in Africa and they are really good.
  12. Sara

    Staying awake all night with movies

    Watching movies is one of my hobbies, I enjoy watching movies the same way I love reading. I love series movies too. The last one I stayed all night watching was Vincenzo. I wanted to see the end of the movie because it started from the beginning to be full of suspense.
  13. Sara

    Do you wear wrist watch?

    Some people prefer to use their phones' watch but for me, I love to adore my hand with my wristwatch. Whenever I am going out and I don't have my watch, it will seems as if my hand is naked and this had made me to always have my watch in front of me when I am planning to go out.
  14. Sara

    Expressvpn is the best VPN on the market

    I am not used to using VPN but I have made use of ThunderVPN. It's very fast and flexible. Though I don't have anything that warrant VPN but I have it on my phone.
  15. Sara

    How do you save your money?

    Any money in the bank is safe, just that there might be an emergency and you need the money that period but due to the process involved in getting money saved in a savings account, you will end up getting elsewhere even though you have enough in your bank.
  16. Sara

    How many friends have you made from social media?

    Social anxiety is very bad. I am getting out of it. It's something that will make you fidget or sweat furiously when you see people coming closer to you.
  17. Sara

    Have anyone called the cops on you?

    Yes, people can be so evil. Their devilish minds are always on what harm or danger they can put to another person. Why should an adult call the police on children who are on their own?
  18. Sara

    Wallpapers or Paints?

    Wallpaper can rip easily but it depends on who lives and stays in the place. The ripping of the wallpaper are mostly caused by children. My sister used wallpaper in her house and the only instruction she gave to her children is that their hand shouldn't touch the wall. It's amazing right!
  19. Sara

    Have you ever been to a concert before?

    The concert I am looking forward right now to attend is one of the best artists in my country. They are planning on coming to our state and I can't wait for their visitation.
  20. Sara

    A long file or several short files?

    I hope you have found the solution to this. But it will be good to arrange them in a single document. Breaking it into single document with appropriate link will be very stressful for the user.