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    Edit any website using javascript

    Thanks! I just fooled some friends with this... They thought I was hacking facebook while defacing the site right in front of their eyes! :)
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    The Gwiyomi Craze

    So first it was Gangnam Style, then it was Harlem Shake. And now..Gwiyomi / Kiyomi! Well, my friends were posting about Gwiyomi / Kiyomi everywhere on Facebook recently and I was ehh..what’s that? Generally Gwiyomi / Kiyomi Player (can be males or females) will upload about a 50+ second...
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    Most and least you've paid for an ad

    The most I spent was over $20 on Facebook Ads selling Womens Clothings targeting Women around West Virginia and it did worked! The least was $0.001 (0.0001 BTC) advertising on Operation Fabulous just trying it out... the rates at that time were 1btc = $10.
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    WOM (Word Of Mouth)

    I only had one time experience with Word Of Mouth but it was not meant for me earning online. It was for a friend who had his newly opened taverna in Greece. I was there for vacation and I saw that his business was struggling the first 4 days... One day we went to play basketball as everyone was...
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    Clickbank Review anyone?

    I know someone who is getting a lot with clickbank lately but not as an affiliate. He gambled on becoming a merchant and it worked! His strategy include making very high quality video sales letters and through that a lot of affiliates have been promoting his products. You might want to try that...
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    Does your site have a Facebook Page?

    That was a great strategy Victor! Thanks! I might do some kind of pre-launch promotion too with my upcoming site... :) With my current sites, only 2 have facebook pages because and I rely most of 90% of visitors from the page.
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    13 Basic Elements for Effective On-Site Optimization

    It's good thing to know how beneficial to attract targeted search traffic to your blog. If you want to take advantage of this, it's great and smart to learn search engine optimization (SEO). If you've been blogging for some time, you already know that blog commenting, social bookmarking and...
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    Google Plus

    I remember just last month when I offered a contest on one of my sites where I engage the users to share my site to their Social Networking Accounts. When I was browsing at the statistics I saw that a lot were G+-ing it so I decided to check it on Google Search and was surprised to see that one...
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    Forums vs social Media

    Some forums might work and some may not. The same goes to social networking sites. Another factor is if you are advertising on the right forum or the right people on those social networking sites. Unless if you advertise something that is totally different from what you are offering.
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    What would you not do for revenue?

    I only put 2 banner ads on most of my sites, a 468 x 60 and 250 x 250. I tried adfly before when I had decent visits to some of my sites but instead of getting more income, I lost about half of those decent visits. About coinurl, I use it on my bitcoin related site. I placed 2 coinurl banner...
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    Most Common Graphic Design Tools

    I totally agree with your suggestion to start with GIMP or Paint.NET when you are still starting in Graphic Designing. I started with CorelDraw, its the first Graphic Design Software I got introduced but up to now it takes me about half an hour to finished tasks which Im able to do 30 seconds...
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    Most Common Graphic Design Tools

    By the time of Tang Dynasty, printing manuscripts were introduced. Visuals or images have been printed on a piece of cloth or even a paper. Therefore, print media already exist from the beginning of the civilization. Graphic design is a process of creating visuals that mix the disciplines of art...
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    Encrypting HTML

    .js file loaded in a cetain domain - thanks! you already gave me the idea... I'll just search for something particular like this and maybe I could hit the blank page tweak. Thanks! :)
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    Domain For Sale:

    I used this domain for my Amazon Associates account selling Phones and Phone Accessories. If you are interested just contact me. Information: Domain Name: Registered With: Namecheap Expires On: 01/18/2014
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    Domain For Sale:

    I used this domain for a site similar to 9gag. If you are interested just contact me. Information: Domain Name: Registered With: Namecheap Expires On: 02/01/2014
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    Free or Paid host?

    I use free hosting with free subdomain (preferably 000webost) for new websites with a little magic SEO. If I see success coming, I transfer everything to my paid hosting and buy a new domain (with the free subdomain redirected to the new domain). And real hard work SEO, tactics, promos...
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    Encrypting HTML

    This is a great share. I use iwebtools html encrypter service and I am happy with the results, but might consider trying this one... I will also add it to my list of online html encrypters... And might you be willing to share the blank page tweaking? :)
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    What version of Photoshop are you currently using?

    I am currently using Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended. The last version of Photoshop that I used was CS3... It is a definite big leap and I got confused with some of the functions, but after a while I am already getting the hang of it. I also tried other softwares like GIMP and Corel Draw but...
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    Hello Everybody!

    Hi! I am slap2dgroove, an amateur web designer (yes, I consider myself amateur because I did not finished any formal education regarding computer related degrees). I joined this site in hope to enhance my web designing/coding skills and somehow in return will also share something that might be...