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    Dreamweaver any good?

    I'd recommend Brackets from Adobe. It's a great software that has a feature that lets you see your website get updated in real-time. It's very responsive and lets you see how your code affects the appearance of your website.
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    Where did you find HTML?

    My friend is a web designer, and decided to teach me a little bit on html and css, I've been interested ever since and it's been one of my little hobbies. I'm still new to it but I'm slowly learning.. :)
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    Any good tutorial for learning HTML5?

    Do you think it'd be better to start off learning html5 or just stick with the tried and true resources we have currently? I mean, html5 is the new standard, but it seems like people aren't willing to adjust just yet.
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    Hey guys! :)

    Hello! I've always been interested in web design and have been looking for new ways to learn, this seems like the perfect place to settle and see what I can learn from my peers. Again, hello everyone! :0