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    Favorite Link-Building Technique?

    It does seem that recent Google algorithm tweaks mean that Google is now more fussy about links. Not long ago, all links (except for the excessively spammy ones) were good links. Now it's possible to be penalised for too many links with the same anchor text and social media posts are having a...
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    Anyone looknig for a reasonable price on hosting?

    It seems difficult to make an income reselling hosting these days. My clients often ask me where their site is going to be hosted, whereas five years ago they wouldn't have been interested. I gave up reselling hosting as the support burden became too much for me. Now I buy a shared hosting...
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    Free or Paid host?

    Nowadays you can buy a decent VPS for $7 a month. Install a free control panel and you could have your own reseller operation. It's definitely worth spending a few dollars if you're serious about your websites.
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    Compressing your CSS files

    There are gains to be had from compressing css, but images will usually generate more savings. There are some decent online compressors, and in photoshop you can experiment with image quality settings to keep file sizes down. Also. look into image sprites and combining css files into one. These...
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    Blackhat SEO

    The concept of hiding text by using the same color as the background was well known 15 years ago, and all search engines have been wise to it for a long, long time. Black Hat SEO is a game of cat and mouse, with Black Hat practitioners pioneering a new technique, exploiting it while it lasts...
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    Forum signatures: a good way to advertise?

    My take on this is that it can be worth it, but you need to be selective. First you need to pick a forum with enough traffic to justify your efforts. Next you need to understand the signature functionality. Signature links may be hidden from users who are not signed in. These users will most...
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    What version of Photoshop are you currently using?

    I'm currently using CS6. I upgraded from CS3 when the Creative Cloud initiative was announced. It means that I have access to all the most up to date Adobe programs. It was an easy choice given the 50% discount I got for the first year. When I have to pay full price, it will hurt, but by now...