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    I really like to make blog comments and social bookmarks for backlinking. Granted, they are not the best kind of backlinks, but it's easy to make them and it doesn't take much time. But of course, Web 2.0 backlinks on plattforms like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger or Squidoo are also very important.
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    What's the best programming language? Here's a clue

    Dion is right, there is no "best" programming language. They are only better or worse for certain jobs/projects. I also think that every good programmer should learn SQL since databases are involved in almost every program. You should also learn a low level language like C or even assembly as...
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    Theoretically designing a site from the ground up

    I start by googling for websites in the same niche as the one I want to design. But I don't simply copy stuff, I just want to see what other websites offer and get some ideas for my own website.
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    Why learn Jquery

    For my own projects I use javascript and write everything from scratch, but for work I prefer jQuery. With jQuery you can get work done several times faster than writing everything from scratch. But for my own projects I can spend as many time as I want to.
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    Where did you find HTML?

    I actually came into contact with HTML when I was a kid, but back then it seemed too complicated... But since I study business informatics I had to learn HTML, CSS and other web technologies in university and it all seems so easy to me. I still wish that I would have proceeded learning about web...
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    Nice forum theme!

    I also love the forum design, it's really clean and uses great color combinations unlike most forums out there that look cheap. But after all this is a forum about web design so you should expect nothing less ;)
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    Hello everybody

    My name is Patrick and I'm studying business informatics. It's not really focused on coding, programming and web design, but after my internship as a software engineer, programming is my favourite hobby. I hope this forum provides some great resources on designing websites and leads to...