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  1. kd06

    Images or videos in advertising content

    Videos for me too. As they all stated, videos already contains images in it along with audios. What good in videos is that it engages even the laziest person or customer here is, most people are too busy to read all the product contents so with video ads it'll be more easier for them, you just...
  2. kd06

    How many of you have invested in cryptocurrency?

    Good point. Thank you. Gonna check Bitconnect like what you siad.. I really am having lots of doubt on investing specially that now that Bitcoin is going so low. I am still learning on the trading part though.
  3. kd06

    How many of you have invested in cryptocurrency?

    Same here. I too is still finding the right and legit site that really returns investment. As a newbie in these type of world I am still studying all aspect and refrain from jumping aboard on sites that are not sure if legit. There are thousands of sites that offers invest-wait-and-earn, but in...
  4. kd06

    When You Can't Get to Sleep

    If I couldn't sleep I listen to classical musics. Listening to classical music helps my brain relax and I feel like I'm floating in the air. Plus it helps you fight anxiety and stress and surely you'll wake up with a more productive day.
  5. kd06

    What makes you feel happy?

    My source of happiness would be my children. I've got a lovely daughter and two equally charming sons, they are my everything, they bring color to my dull life. I got pregnant on my first child at an very early age of 18, I was in college that time so I had to stop schooling. My parents couldn't...
  6. kd06

    What movie genre do you prefer and what movies under that genre do you like best?

    Mine would be rom-com too! The feeling of being in-love and happy. Like what you said the perfect combination. Plus I love having a good laugh by watching this type of genre, it kinda lessens stress and burdens of life. Surely one way of relaxing is by watching movies that you like.
  7. kd06

    What kind of music do you listen to?

    I too listens to classical music when trying to relax and when working. My neighbors would sometimes comment on the kind of music I'm playing for they don't appreciate much like I do. I even play it every sleeping time for it does so much in the brain and help me fight anxiety and stress plus my...
  8. kd06

    WAzzup people?? new member here!

    Hi everyone! Ivy here and am so glad to be the newest member of the gang. I am looking forward to exchanging great ideas with you guys so see you around!