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  1. Nazzy

    The state of modern advertising

    I can remember when open part space advertising was the trend. You see so many companies hosting their own advertising show about their products and they give out free samples. It's all a thing of the past that's barely used now. Everything is now carried out online and they have more reach than...
  2. Nazzy

    What would you not do for revenue?

    Porn get a lot of hit because a lot of people are interested in it but will not come out openly to admit it. What I'm not willing to do for revenue or traffic is allow the posting of porn on my site just to gain traffic. It's against my forum ethics.
  3. Nazzy

    Have you witnessed any gang related activities recently?

    It seems like gang related activities is getting out of hand in our modern society today. A lot of kids get killed on the streets and the gun doesn't help matters too. Drugs use ams peddling is getting rampant by the day which all works towards the decay of out society. Which gang related...
  4. Nazzy

    Do you like working online or offline?

    It's usually very difficult for you to get a well paying job online that's going to be well with taking care of your expenses with the money you make from it. It's this challenge that makes it hard for most people to depend on online jobs.
  5. Nazzy

    What is your best music online website?

    It's only Deezer that I haven't used in all the options you have listed. Spotify works very well for me. It's my number 1 music streaming platform.
  6. Nazzy

    Is it worth it to learn PHP OOP?

    If you enjoyed programming like you said, then you should be open to learning as many programming languages that you can. I know that starting out from the scratch with a new programming language can be a pain but it's not impossible.
  7. Nazzy

    How many of you have invested in cryptocurrency?

    I'm still skeptical about the project of cryptocurrency but I don't want to be left behind if it's for real a good investment. It's why I have invested about $2k in it for now. I'm still observing it to know if to invest more or pull my investment
  8. Nazzy

    Does email marketing still work?

    Before you're going to be successful with email Marketing you will have to build your mailing list so that you will have a lot of customers that you are sending your emails for your business product promotion to yield better results.
  9. Nazzy

    Microsoft ads Still Offer Free Credit?

    The last time I checked, Microsoft was not offering any free credit for this kind of promotion and I don't think that they are still going to offer it in the future, so you shouldn't be wasting your time on this.
  10. Nazzy

    The importance of the right software with SEO

    There is no way you were expecting to get a good result when you are not making use of the right software you are supposed to use for your search engine optimisation. It is not a process that you will trick to get a better result but you must do the right thing in order for you to get the best...
  11. Nazzy

    What's your favorite search engine?

    I used to like using Bing as my favourite search engine. But over the last couple of years, I have come to surrender completely to Google because it's the very best out there. Bing is still good but Google is better.
  12. Nazzy

    Are you always late? or are you always on time?

    I don't like being late for any kind of appointment that I have with anybody but in a situation whereby traffic will delay me, I will make sure that I update the person the situation on ground so that he or she will know why I am being late.
  13. Nazzy

    Do you like to see Trump contest in the next election?

    If there is another politician that is better than Donald Trump, I would like to see him contest and win the next presidential election of the United States of America. But in a situation whereby there is no one who is better than him, I would like to see him back in the office.
  14. Nazzy

    Are you buying iPhone 14?

    If I have the money to purchase the new iPhone 14, I think I am going to buy it because it looks like a very interesting smartphone. It is just too expensive for me to afford it right now.
  15. Nazzy


    Good morning everyone I am Nazzy and I am super excited to be a member of this community and to learn more about HTML is a better way to grow my skills.