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    html message over html page?

    Trying to accomplish this with HTML alone is really counterproductive to your time. Remember, time equals money. Javascript is much better and the standard for it. If something goes wrong then you will have a difficult time trouble shooting that. As long as it is non invasive, those types of...
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    noob here, please help :)

    Uh, don't do that if you want to market yourself as a decent businessman. If you go around, basically hijacking peoples home page, you are going to cause quite a stir that could have a back lash on you. The others already stated you need Java support. I am just curious, why would you want to...
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    Youtube Likes Service

    Google algorithms and Youtube algorithms are both watchful. Security is tight. You are talking billion dollar businesses. They frown upon buying likes. If they think you are buying OR selling likes then your account is subject for deletion, as I understand it. They consider the buying and...
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    CSS Image Placement - Too Cramped

    I am having a problem with image spacing. My images are all squished together because the images are overlapping each other. I have tried a number of things and nothing has worked at all. I was thinking I could just try deleting the Width all together. Do you think that would solve the issue...
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    Google Plus

    If you ever want Google Authorship you have to play ball with Google Plus. It is one of the main mechanisms involved in their algo which helps them choose who gets it and who does not. Google Authorship has a great many benefits with nearly no downside. Google Plus is kind of dead at the...
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    Free or Paid host?

    I used free hosts many years ago. However, since I make my living the way I do I always use a paid host. There are multiple ways to get the job done, and it does not cost much. I do not think that a $5 to $7 business expense for hosting is that much. If you do not invest in yourself and your...
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    Hello from Ohio.

    Hey there. I am from Ohio and looking for a good online community to express and explore ideas in. I also want to learn, and see what everyone else is doing. Browsing through your forum, I see you have some intelligent conversations going. I make my living working from home. I have a home office...