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    html and iOS

    I definitely recommend something along the lines of WordPress to do this. A lot of people underestimate WordPress, but it's incredibly powerful and highly customizable. It should be easy enough install on your website. You can find a free theme for portfolios or galleries and have at it! The...
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    Looking to learn javascript? Have a look!

    Javascript isn't really used for back-end. It's used for front-end (libraries such as jQuery) and functionality. It's also used with HTML5 to draw things to the canvas. You CAN use JavaScript for back-end if you use something like node.js, but even node.js isn't suitable for everything.
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    Hello! I'm a high school student located in the USA. My hobbies include reading, writing, sleeping :p, and programming. I've been programming ever since eleven years old. This summer I decided to get serious about programming. I attended a programming summer camp and got some books to learn...
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    Is it worth it to learn PHP OOP?

    Yes. My first PHP project utilized an API that somebody else wrote. The API had no documentation, and I didn't no OOP at the time! After learning it was much easier to work with, and I even rewrote parts of the API! Even without this anecdotal evidence, OOP really cleans up your code and can...
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    Taking apart an existing webpage

    The thing about that is you can't see server side code. You don't really know what language they're using. The website developer could be using PHP, Python, Rails, or something else. You only see that markup that's generated along with the JavaScript. I find that the best way of learning is a...
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    How Often Do You Code?

    I try to program at least once a week. I'm currently working on my own website. The problem is that I'm a high school student and I have a lot of work piled on. I've been able to program more because it's the summer, but I still have summer classes and other obligations. Hopefully I can finish...
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    IDE for HTML?

    I don't use an IDE for any development related things. I find integrated development environments to be extremely bloated and clunky. Instead I recommend your friendly neighborhood text editor! Try out Sublime Text 2; it's really functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. The best part about...