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    Dreamweaver any good?

    I use Dreamweaver myself and I have to say it is a feature rich program. It's useful for experienced users to create a basic layout for their website. If you're building a custom website, it can definitely be useful if you're an experienced user. Otherwise, go with a different tool as pointed...
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    Can you recommend a good tutorial or book on PHP?

    There are also a lot of videos on YouTube which teach you PHP. I wish I had those when I was using the language. Shows you step by step ow to do certain things and they also have videos which show you how to build a whole web application. Much better than buying a book.
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    Could I make this voting system with PHP?

    Yeah you will definitely need a database. Depending on how you set it up, you might want IP addresses to one table and votes to the other. You could set a field in both tabled which would match with the IP table, and based on the query you used, you can determine how many times a user has voted...
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    Where did you find HTML?

    I found HTML many eyars age. I set up my first website when I was ten. I created quite a few websites, and my skills have definitely improved over time I simply read a few articles online, then some books, asnd before I knew it, I was designing my own layouts.
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    I have a website which has been up for a few months, but I never had anybody review it yet. Considering my programming experience, I thought it would be easier to create a whole new website from scratch and program what features . Are they useable? Is the website easy to use? Any reviews at all...
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    I am the webmaster of MetroRailRoad, which is a website that I created from scratch. So far it has got a few visitors, although I have never got any feedback from real visitors yet. Is the user interface easy to use? Does the website make you want to register an account if you were interested in...