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    How Fast Do You Type?

    I type pretty fast if I say so myself. I haven't yet calculated or noted my average speed but I assure you I type quite fast.
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    How Often Do You Code?

    How long does it take to master the art of coding?
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    Best websites for watching live football

    Anyone know any good websites that would show a good quality of football?
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    Science and Religion

    I fully agree with danch. Religion gives people hope when they fail at something
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    What Constututes Wisdom?

    Wisdom is the ability to apply the knowledge that you have obtained.
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    Can You Tell When People are Lying?

    I think it's pure fabrication that people who fail to hold eye contact are lying purely because if you're like me, you're often nervous when you look into someone else's eyes
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    Greatest sports personality

    I tend to think pele was overrated mainly because most if the people that regard him as the greatest have never seen him play. The based their judgementbof perception and opinions of others and the media
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    Greatest sports personality

    Who is the greatest sports personality?
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    Favourite websites?

    Which websites do you visit on a daily basis?
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    Sites you wish you built

    Youtube is a good shout too
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    Sites you wish you built

    I personally wish I built twitter.
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    How Often Do You Code?

    I rarely, if ever, code
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    Science and Religion

    I actually think science supports religion in the sense that whatever religion describes, science confirms this and explains how it's plausible
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    Can You Tell When People are Lying?

    It's actually hard to tell when people are lying but if you notice their voice wavering or fluctuating unusually then they most likely are.
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    Annoying Famous People

    This has to be katie price. Is anything about that woman real?
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    If You Could Have any Super Power, What Would it Be?

    It would definitely be the ability to have all superpowers.
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    What's your Favorite Movie?

    My favourite movie has to be transformers because of the action-packes scenes and the endless entertainment. Quite frankly it had me on the edge of my seat
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    When You Can't Get to Sleep

    When I can't sleep I often reconstruct my favourite moments. This helps to settle my nerves significantly
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    Hi Everone, I'm Here To Learn And Share Info

    Anyone? Help would be thoroughly appreciated.
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    Sports streaming

    Does anyone know good websites that stream football?