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    Need CSS help

    I don't know how to write CSS. (but do know html) I'm trying to make all h tags center throughout my entire site. Is this correct? or is there an easier and better way to do it? <style> h1 {text-align: center;} h2 {text-align: center;} h3 {text-align: center;} h4 {text-align: center;} h5...
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    Explain what is HTML and its purpose to a newbie.

    It's a language, when done correctly, makes page pages come to life. It's even good to know some basics if WordPress doesn't do, exactly what you want it to do. It's also fun to learn and use.
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    What Was Your First Website Like?

    My first website looks so funny now. You can view it on the waybackmachine!
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    Is this the same forum?

    I haven't been here in quite a while, but was a poster for years. Not because I didn't try to get here, but because for some reason I couldn't post. I'd log into my account aok, then have issues. Is this run by the same people? Is Coonshead (or similar name) still here?