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    Youtube Likes Service

    There are many services offering this cheaply (Vagex comes into my mind first), so you would have to be really innovative or cheap to stand out. But good luck, it's a great thing you decided to make some money online!
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    Free or Paid host?

    @DeveloperSam I agree, but there are people who can't pay with their credit cards (due to not having them) or people who are just starting out, and they don't want to or can invest into hosting.
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    Free or Paid host?

    I usually use free host in the beginning, and if I see that my website is growing well, I switch to pro hosting because of more features. I then continue to improve and upgrade my site. Pretty much the same thing as slap2dgroove does.
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    Where did you learn HTML?

    I am still learning HTML from CodeAcademy. Before I discovered CA, HTML and coding were boring to me, but CA just makes it more fun, which is great.
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    How Fast Do You Type?

    I'm quite a fast typer, due to my experience and education (we had 'Typography' or whatever you call it). I've been typing for years now, and last 3-4 I am typing without even watching my keyboard. I can't say I'm the top here (or anywhere), but I am pretty satisfied with my typing skills. More...
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    Firefox or Chrome?

    Google Chrome for me. It's simple, fast and customizable. In other words, it's all I need. I've been on FF before Chrome, but after it came out, Chrome took the number one place on my computer. I am not saying that I don't like Firefox, it's just that I am now so used to Chrome that we are in a...
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    What's your Favorite Movie?

    This might sounds a bit cliche, but for me it's 'The Godfather'. I love the setting, actors, plot, everything. Also, my favorite books are also from Puzo's criminal series.
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    Forum signatures: a good way to advertise?

    Yup. I have advertised on numerous forums already by linking my link in the signature. Get a catchy image there, some catchy text and clicks will start to pour in. At least that's how it was, but I believe it still is.
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    Hi from Croatia!

    Hello everyone! I'm a 22 years old guy from Croatia. I enjoy gaming (mostly on PC), interneting (made that word up), drinking... I am a regular guy, yes. I know some basics of HTML and some other coding languages, and I'm hoping to learn more, that's why I joined here. Hopefully I will. See you...