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    Browser query

    Hello. Does it matter what browser to use when we are making websites? I mean... and I apologize for being a newbie here. Tried the search forum option and did not find a thread that answered my question. Thanks for your help.
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    When You Can't Get to Sleep

    I go log on to a video site (can I mention other sites here?) and load a video of waves and let the sound of the waves crashing be my lullaby. After a few minutes I find myself just floating off to la la land. Hope that helps you because it helps me immensely.
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    Jobs aside from your website.

    Hello. I am actually not working right now since I just moved from the east. My boyfriend and I decided to stop the long-distance thing and go on to the next thing. So I am stuck doing nothing really and I am here to learn from everyone.
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    Newbee here

    Hello everyone! Name is Savee which is short for Savannah and I am new to learning about HTML and stuff about programming and making websites. My boyfriend is the expert but he does not have the patience nor the time to teach me. Keep telling him that if I learn what he does then I can help him...