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  1. aCodeMonkey

    Top panel's menu border is not visible

    Asto, You will need to use two CSS border styles for adding vertical borders to either side of the layer. Use border shorthand for each side. e.g. border-left: style width color; and/or border-right: style width color;" <div class="Top_panel"> <div class="menu" style="border-left...
  2. aCodeMonkey

    button situation?

    You can do the same thing using the "KEYUP" event and a data attribute. KeyUP events are fired immediately. <input type="text" name="" id="escrevertexto" data-min-length="100" /> <button id="button-57" disabled="disabled">Submit</button> <script>...
  3. aCodeMonkey

    Where is the error in the code? Is there an error?

    Flunger96, Instead of using document.getElementById(), try using querySelector() for individual element selection and quwrySelectorAll() for managing element collections. Note the difference in selection elements by their ID or Class Names Here is an easier way to assign click events to a...
  4. aCodeMonkey

    Question Circular CTA Carousel Animation Issues - Web Animation API

    All, I'm developing a circular carousel of cards that uses JavaScript to control the animation. The carousel animates correctly for the first left or right card click. Afterwards, the grid containing the individual cards does not rotate to the correct new position. This throws off the cards'...