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    If You Could Have any Super Power, What Would it Be?

    I would love the ability to freeze time. I used to daydream about that as a kid, and I still do. Imagine, not getting enough sleep, freeze time and take a nap for a few hours. Didn't finish up homework? Freeze. Just need a second to collect your thoughts? Freeze.
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    Can You Tell When People are Lying?

    Usually. I like to try and keep a "innocent until proven guilty" type attitude to people. Usually, when you're talking to a person long enough (assuming they aren't a compulsive liar and really good at it) you can tell when stories just don't add up.
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    I think minimalism is definitely a sort of a popular design theme now, but that is not at all a bad thing. A good designer knows what do do with a lot as well as what to do with a little. The sign of a bad designer is having no real concept of white space.
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    Where do you get your tutorials

    Try the website. They have tutorials for anything you'd ever need to do.
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    Theoretically designing a site from the ground up

    What is this site for? Some sites work well with a template, but others, I think, call for something completely original.
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    Do you allow HTML editing in forum posts?

    Nope. It's kind of a shame, too. It would be cool to be able to trust that everyone wouldn't abuse that, but the sad fact is, there's no way to guarantee that.
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    When You Can't Get to Sleep

    Browsing the computer might actually keep you from falling asleep. Try reading a book at the end of the night, that always starts to get me sleepy. I'll read until I can't keep my eyes open anymore.
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    Science and Religion

    I'm not religious, but what frustrates me is when religious people turn a blind eye to what science has proven. Believe what you want, that's okay. But if you go out of your way to fight facts in pursuit of that belief. That's a little dangerous.
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    What Constututes Wisdom?

    A lot of wisdom is understanding what you don't understand as much as what you do. It's not all about knowledge. I equate wisdom to more of an deeper understanding about yourself
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    If you could change HTML...

    I'd make it like html5 is going to be. No need for flash, video players you can embed. Can't wait to see more of it in action.
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    Just checked out the html5 video player. Pretty cool:
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    Theoretically designing a site from the ground up

    Sketch it out first, then make a mockup in photoshop. Show it to friends or other people who work on HTML, get advice, opinions, suggestions. See what other sites do, get some ideas rolling around in your head.
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    Any good tutorials on learning Web Fundamentals?

    I usually have my laptop open and then play some tutorials on my PS3, haha. Still have to pause now and again, but it's easier on the bigger screen to see what's going on.
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    This is huge. What's the player actually look like, do you know?
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    Guys, what do you think of Bootstrap

    I've only dabbled with it, and only did because it implements jquery. You have no idea how many times jquery has saved my butt in the past.
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    Where did you find HTML?

    HTML has come such a long way since we all picked it up. The first thing I learned was how to make a text bold on a site. No idea what kids are learning these days, but if it's still just that, I weep for the future of the internet.
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    Sites you wish you built

    What are some really pretty looking sites you look at and think "man, I wish I had done that."
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    Clients from Hell?

    Nobody's done anything here yet? I'll start. I was trying to get paid from a certain client, who said he couldn't pay me right then because he was out of town. I ended up complaining about it to a friend of mine, who said he'd buy me a drink at a bar downtown. We head down there, walk into our...
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    Where did you find HTML?

    Holy crap! Hahaha I forgot about those things! Remember those animations you could have bouncing around, gifs everywhere, stars or something following your mouse around? Any of those site still active?
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    Request for a tutorial

    Just glancing through, I found this one for ya: Best of luck!