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  1. aussieitv

    How to trigger animate on character length

    Hi all, I am in the midst of making a Twitch alert which has html/css and now seems like it may need javascript. Currently I have usernames which animate using keyframes, but it does it for every username. I want to limit this to usernames that are more than 300px in width. While I don't want...
  2. aussieitv

    Quick way to replicate shapes

    I am trying to use cssbattle in conjunction with w3schools to learn HTML & CSS and currently looking for the necessary buzz words, I am doing the second challenge and looking to know if there is a way to duplicate a shape I have already created that doesn't involve repeating large chunks of...
  3. aussieitv

    New to HTML/CSS

    Hi there, I am Aussie, new to have dabbled in HTML in the past - looking at you MySpace/Myyearbook. But would still be considered very new to it and definitely new to CSS, having only had it cross my path from streaming and using StreamElements for overlays which to create better overlays means...