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  1. mitan143

    Images or videos in advertising content

    Well, I'd go for video as well because I think it already contains images as well as it also gives sounds which is whether a voice message or/and just a sound effects. I have noticed too that making a video as a tool for advertising is very useful and essential because millennial nowadays are...
  2. mitan143

    Staying awake all night with movies

    Oh, it is so sad to hear that you stop watching it in season 3 but it's okay. I understand, and in fact I've heard a lot of fans stop watching too when their favorite character/s died already especially Glenn's character. Anyway, I'm not really sure whether they actually stopped watching it or...
  3. mitan143

    Do you believe mastering web development isn't enough for you to be able to get a high salary?

    I see. You have a point there. But I think if he already mastered web development then I am pretty sure that he has a field of specialization already in web development. But just like what you said, it differs on the experience and on the skills and I agree with that.
  4. mitan143

    Staying awake all night with movies

    I see. I guess you are right. I always feel tired at night and stress is there with me too. Actually, I can only watch more movies at day time when I don't have much work to do. Anyway, GoT is such an amazing and a very interesting series, but I am more interested in TWD now since it was...
  5. mitan143

    Programming and my love-hate relationship for it.

    In my case, it is actually the opposite, I got to like programming in my first encounter with it during my grade 11 school days. The thought that I liked it already, then I took up a computer science major in application development in my college level now. As my college years passed, I came to...
  6. mitan143

    Staying awake all night with movies

    Honestly, I haven't done it watching all night, not even once. Usually, I ended up sleepy after one or two movies. Even though I like what I was watching so much, I can't help but to fall asleep later on, or maybe it is just I watch movies late at night and I am really tired from my day.
  7. mitan143

    When did you start using HTML and Why?

    Nice. You have already learning html during your high school days. I think if we have a computer class too way back, maybe I enjoy my high school days. My first encounter of html is when I am in college already. Nevertheless, learning html is really fun no matter where and when we start learning it.
  8. mitan143

    Explain what is HTML and its purpose to a newbie.

    I'm also a beginner in HTML but what do I know about is.. it is a hypertext mark-up language that is intented for creating websites. It is the core code since it has the main structures for websites. As you go on further research, you will be also encountering terms like CSS, PHP, Javascript...
  9. mitan143

    What is the best type of marketing?

    Yes, I agree that social media marketing is very good way to advertise your services or products. Most people have social media accounts and they use it sometimes to browse for some products and other stuffs they need. But it is up to you now how are you going to effectively market it to your...
  10. mitan143

    Do you believe mastering web development isn't enough for you to be able to get a high salary?

    Yes, that is so true. So I think they shouldn't degrade those who can do website only. It is just so sad to know that some people think if they know that you are a programmer you must all know aside from programming that relates to computer networking, troubleshooting, hardware, etc. The point...
  11. mitan143

    What makes you feel motivated to work?

    For me, I think it is already given why we work is because of our beloved families. One of the things that really contributes greatly for my motivation to work is my passion to that job. My family is a motivation for me to work hard and my passion is my motivation to excel at work and also to...
  12. mitan143


    I prefer a simple but not boring website because I believe having so much animations and graphics designs on your website is kind of irritating for me especially if it is not user-friendly anymore and a lot of system bugs or glitches. What the use of a high-graphically designed website if the...
  13. mitan143

    Offline or online jobs?

    I think it depends on the situation, but both are giving advantages to people. I prefer offline work because I want to commute, for me to work out my body too and I like communicating to people personally so I think working offline really suits for me, But I believe some people can do both...
  14. mitan143

    When You Can't Get to Sleep

    When do I often can't sleep?It is when we are rushing a school project for our system and there are still some errors that needs to be taken care of, but we are having a hard time to find a solution on it and we are running out of time. During the checking or the presentation, I can only tell...
  15. mitan143

    If You Could Have any Super Power, What Would it Be?

    I am more on developing my skills, so I think I'd like a superpower that enhances my capability to learn easily and also that gives more wisdom and knowledge and ideas. I would like to become as a powerful and successful person through my hardworks so I want good skills and maybe motivation to...
  16. mitan143

    Do you believe mastering web development isn't enough for you to be able to get a high salary?

    I remember one friend of mine says he's being criticized by his workmates for developing a website only and he gets paid high for that. Now I want to know your opinion if it is really not acceptible to get a high salary just to develop a website only?
  17. mitan143

    Looking to learn javascript? Have a look!

    Among those links you listed here, I only know about w3cschools. How funny of me to just learn one source. Anyway, I'll try those other links you mentioned, and I guess I'll improve searching habit.
  18. mitan143

    Hi to everyone. It's nice to be here!

    Hello Katherine. I appreciate your reply in my post. I am currently learning about HTMl, PHP, Javascript and its other stuffs using the W3cschools website. It is a very good site for beginners like me to start learning in web development and aside from the site I also visit some forums like this...
  19. mitan143

    Where would you live?

    I have few relatives already living in New Zealand, Canada, Germany, and U.S. I don't exactly where are the others but for me I want to go to Japan and hopefully can live there because I like their country and the people are awesome, their culture in anime and music also are totally amazing and...
  20. mitan143

    Science and Religion

    Science and Religion are two different things. Science explains everything in this world including us humans, while religion teaches us how to properly live as a human and that there is God above who can we trust everything and who can we rely on during our down times or even on failures. I...