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    If You Could Have any Super Power, What Would it Be?

    I want to be able to fly. Like without wings, an airplane, or anything else, just naturally able to fly.
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    I want to learn :D

    Welcome to HTMLForums. If you'd like a hint or two about learning HTML, message me and I'll give you some tips :) Hope I get to meet you soon!
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    New to html

    As a beginner, I recommend you don't use dreamweaver. First, as someone else suggested, learn to type code properly by hand. Look up some video tutorials online, there are plenty of free ones. Once you can code without hesitation, move onto dreamweaver.
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    Dreamweaver any good?

    I tried learning it very recently, actually. A friend made a really nice and professional website with it, so I got interested. After downloading and using it, I come to find that it will need time to learn it. I personally don't have the time for it, so I just gave up. But I'm sure it's a very...
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    How long have you been using html?

    I haven't been using HTML for too long. But I've been using it for about 6 years now. The first few years I was learning to code well, the last few years (now) I'm applying it to my sites.
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    If you could change HTML...

    I wouldn't really change anything. I wouldn't change anything for the simple reason being smart people invented HTML (obviously). There was a lot of thought sent to it's development, if there were anything major to be changed, it would've already happened. That's just my belief, of course.
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    Hi everyone

    Hello everyone, My forum name is Mustnabs and I know a little of HTML. I currently live in the United States, I was also born and raised in the United States. I'm looking to meet everyone here and enjoy my time here! Regards, Mustnabs