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    Offline image mapping

    Hichem, Thank you! Got the main image mapped in visual basic with clickable links to other images, which is fantastic! Simply putting in the img.png instead like you suggested did the trick! My first landing image has about 60 clickable areas directed to other images and it works perfect...
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    Offline image mapping

    Much appreciated for the help and advice! I have been able to map the main image so the areas are defined as clickable, just not sure about the code to use to link those areas to be directed to the next image. I have found plenty of use case examples for hyperlinks to external websites, but it...
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    Offline image mapping

    Looking to do offline image mapping where links aren't urls, but open another image and so forth. I know there are bunch of image map generators, but I want the link to point to another image and then within the image creating more links to other images. It's for making offline simple simulator...