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    Illustrator or Photoshop?

    This is a total "apples or oranges" type question. Photoshop and Illustrator have very similar looking interfaces, but handle completely different tasks. Photoshop is for raster graphics (made of pixels), while Illustrator is for vector graphics (made of mathematical equations). Digital...
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    What version of Photoshop are you currently using?

    I use CS5 Extended and might eventually upgrade to CS6, if the price ever comes down. I have no interest in the Creative Cloud, because I disagree with the pricing model. I try to avoid monthly recurring costs as much as possible. CS5 Extended does so much that I feel like I barely have...
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    Yeah, it is pretty crazy that a free program can be almost the equal of Adobe Illustrator. I use both Inkscape and Illustrator and I actually find Inkscape easier to use and more friendly for the beginner to vector graphics. Illustrator is better if you are planning to do lots of printing...
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    Librarian from Delaware

    I work in a library in Delaware and do a lot of work on our website. It is nice to have a place to talk about hard coding websites like I do. I learned xhtml 1.0 first , then HTML4.1 and CSS2, and now I am onto HTML5 and CSS3. The nice thing about web work is that is always changing, so the...
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    What was your biggest newbie mistake?

    Semi-related to this, one of my biggest rookie mistakes was letting the HTML handle image resizing. I would upload these huge images and then change the dimensions of the image in my code. This is terrible for load times, and is always a sign of a newbie. Someone pointed it out to me, I...
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    I think there are a few misconceptions in this thread. HTML standards are never officially released. The standards body, W3C, has no real power, they just make suggestions. Whenever they start on a new specification, it goes through multiple rounds of revisions from a "working draft" to a...
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    I think there is some confusion in this thread over how html standards work. First off, there is no official release. The W3C, a standards organization with no real power, simply writes reports describing a new html standard. They break their reports (officially called a specification) down...