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    Hello everyone! Here to brush up on my HTML!

    Hello everyone. I'm Reece. About 5-6 years ago, I would code in HTML quite a bit for friends, family and myself. I haven't even tried to code in any form in a very long time now, but I want to change that, hence why I am here!
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    The 3 basic formatting features of HTML

    Nice and clear for beginners, agreed. If anyone is interested in learning HTML from the very start, check out CodeAcademy. They make it really easy to learn how to code in various languages in small chunks.
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    Request for a tutorial

    I've been looking for this myself recently. I've been learning HTML again after not coding at all for the last 5 or more years. One of the things I've been trying to do is implement a YouTube video into the test site I've been making with no luck at all. Going to have a look at jQuery now, myself.
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    Any good tutorial for learning HTML5?

    I know that CodeAcademy has been suggested already, but I just have to second it. I started learning HTML on CodeAcademy after not coding in HTML for a good 5 or more years. Was suggested by a friend to try it out, and it really is fantastic. Makes it easy for beginners and doesn't become...
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    Nice forum theme!

    I was going to make a thread myself about the theme here. Really nice and clear. Most themes are quite bland and sometimes makes it harder to view the content. Liking this one a lot though!