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    Where do you get your tutorials

    I get my tutorials through DVDs and Udemy. I have a lot of Photoshop Tutorials DVDs. Udemy is an online school and when I want to learn something I join Udemy. For as little as $10, I can learn various programs. Sometimes for impromptu tutorials, I also go to youtube.
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    Greatest sports personality

    I think Diego Maradona is the greatest sports personality the world has ever seen. Diego Maradona is a footballer for Argentina. He not only won FIFA World Cup for his country but also earned the second spot for this country. sadly, Maradona is also a controversial figure, he was banned by FIFA...
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    What music are you listening to right now?

    Its 2:32 AM here in a small town in Nepal. About an hour I was watching football (soccer) and now I am hangig out on forums. I am listening to Road House Blues by The Doors. I was feeling sad because Argentina lost the football match and I needed something to cheer my mood.
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    What's your Favorite Movie?

    My favorite movie list is long. I cannot name one movie as my all-time favorite movie. At this moment, I am remembering a couple of movies. Nine featuring Daniel Day Lewis in the lead role is one of my favorite movies. The movie deals with the identity crisis. Avant-garde movie Hiroshima Mom...
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    What makes you feel motivated to work?

    Money is one of the greatest motivating factors for me. I work because I make money from my work. When I work, I always think about how much I am going to make from this work. The possibilities of making more money always motivate me. Therefore, I always work better on the job that pays me $10...
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    Jobs aside from your website.

    I am a freelancer, I do not have a regular job, I make my living working online and offline as a writer. I am also a digital marketer and web designer. I have 10 websites, however, my websites are not earnig me enough revenue. I make most by writing for clients.
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    One food for life

    I am epicurean by nature, I love eating foods. In fact eating is one of my three ways to find happiness. When I get to eat, I become happy. Therefore, I cannot choose just one food. However, if I had to I will choose fried chicken with hot sauce.
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    One food for life

    I am epicurean by nature, I love eating foods. In fact eating is one of my three ways to find happiness. When I get to eat, I become happy. Therefore, I cannot choose just one food. However, if I had to I will choose fried chicken with hot sauce.
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    Looking to learn javascript? Have a look!

    Thanks for sharing the links. I have enrolled for JS course on udemy, however, owing to my hectic schedule I am yet to get started with the course. I will check the tutorials the OP has shared and I will also try to find time to start my udemy course.
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    What version of Photoshop are you currently using?

    I was introduced to photoshop with CS2 in 2007. This version of photoshop was released in 2005. Then Imoved to CS3 and CS4 Extended. Now I am using Photoshop CS6. I have always wanted to try CC version however, I have never upgraded to CC version
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    Generally speaking, video streaming sites are not the kind of sites that I usually visit. I am not a fan of watching movies and videos online. I live in a small village in Nepal where internet is really slow and it buffers while streaming.
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    I never wanted to learn computer programming until I launched my own websites. I was an online writer and I required was to know was how to produce SEO article and market it through various marketing channels. Then one day I launched my own website. I had no knowledge of programming, therefore...
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    Paid vs Free coding tutorials?

    I have no experience with free tutorials, however, I have attended paid tutirials and these paid tutorials are really good. having said that I have also checked free tutorials and these tutorials also seem to be good. I have checked free tutorials on Alision which look as good as paid tutorials...
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    What is your favorite food when it comes to fast food chains?

    I am based in Nepal. we have the international fast-food chain here, however, I don't like visiting these international fast food chains because they are very expensive. The local fast food chain is called The Bakery Cafe. There are over 50 outlets of the Bakery Cafe in the country. I like to...
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    How long do you stay awake at night

    That's true. I have worked as a virtual assistant to an American and I am from Nepal, The time difference between the US and Nepal is 13 hours. When it is day time here there will be night time there. In order to keep with my employer, I used to wake up in the middle of the night.
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    Favorite fast food chain

    The OP asks about the fastfood chain and yet talks about fast food. There is some kind of confusion with the question and description. However, I will answer the both, about fast food and fast food chain. I am from Nepal and in Nepal the most popular fast food is steamed chicken dumplings. My...
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    If you had a remote control that would operate anything, what would you control?

    I want to control the minds of the people, especially those who harm the society. I would like to control the minds of terrorists and criminals so that they no longer harm the people. If I can control people's mind, I will also be able to control the earth.
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    Are you always late? or are you always on time?

    Generally speaking, I always try to be on time, however, I end up being late. When it comes to do something or reach somewhere on time I am a total failure. I try o start early, I hurry and wrap up things and get started to do it on time or move towards it on time, however, I am always in a...
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    Most Common Graphic Design Tools

    When it comes to designing tools, Adobe has the most comprehensive designing tools. Adobe's designing tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign are widely used. Adobe Photoshop is considered the best graphic designing tool. GIMP, which is often called free Photoshop is also a popular Graphic...
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    How Fast Do You Type?

    Well, I am not a good typist. I am a two finger typist, I mean I use only two fingers to type. I use a notebook and notebook does not have a full-size keyboard. Thus, I use two fingers to type. Even though I type with only two fingers I have average typing skills. I can type 40 words per minute.