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    Lesser Known Social Sites

    It seems like the trend of social media sites popping up constantly is slowing down a little bit, but I wonder if there are any social media sites you guys use other than the popular ones? I think Pinterest is the last I've picked up, and for a while, I've sworn off signing up with new ones...
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    Blackhat SEO

    I avoid blackhat SEO nowadays, by which I mean that I would rarely buy traffic or any other method or service of that nature. Other than that, I pretty much just try to make my site and SEO as organic as possible, as I think having a good site and a good campaign should be good enough to warrant...
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    Forums vs social Media

    I get most of my traffic from social media. I don't know if it's just because I'm doing anything particularly wrong with forums, but I suspect it's just the way it is. There are probably a lot more people to reach in social media sites nowadays than in forums, and it also helps that your share...
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    Most and least you've paid for an ad

    I've only ever spent between $20-$40 of advertising at a time, and it's always just been with blogs and a few other specialty sites. I'm not too comfortable with spending a bigger amount since I still have yet to find one site that yields desirable enough results.
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    Best ways to promote my links?

    Most forums and sites already frown upon Adfly links and other similar linking programs, so I wouldn't advice using those in forums. I think the best way is to put it under Youtube videos or maybe a blog. Whenever I find links that I find worthy to click on, even if there would be a five second...
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    Ecommerce Site Or Ebay?

    I'm wondering how practical it would be to opt for a personal ecommerce site nowadays. It's hardly as easy as just making an account on Ebay and instantly gaining their built in audience. So I'd like to ask you guys if you think making your own ecommerce site is still practical, as opposed to...
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    Adobe Premiere Pro/After Effects

    I know how to use Premiere, and I've been using it for all my movie projects ever since, even if there's probably a lot more simpler options out there right now. As for After Effects, I've actually been looking into it recently, and I've been wanting to mess around with it myself, and hearing...
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    Adobe Illustrator

    I absolutely swear by Adobe Illustrator. It's great for making crisp images, but of course, there are some tasks that are best left to Photoshop. I'm equally versed in both, and I have to say it has increased my flexibility when it comes to designing. I'd highly recommend it to anyone else...
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    Who Is ready To Show Me How To Create A Nice Logo?

    In my opinion, there aren't much free tools you could use that wouldn't be also used by thousands, if not millions of other people, which totally defeats the purpose of a logo. However, if it's just a hobby type of thing then I'd say it's okay to use templates and free tools, and if not you...
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    New to Graphics

    Self studying is a lot cheaper and with all the resources we have now, I think it's become a lot more practical than the alternative. However, if you plan on using it to get a job, you might want some certification of some sort, but otherwise, if you can get good enough at it to get yourself...
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    Best Places To Buy Or Rent Ads

    I understand that probably the best way to rent and show ads is by utilizing services like Adwords, but I've been curious about advertising directly by just contacting a blog owner or forum owner instead. Have any of you had any experience with this? If so, would you have any tips to share, and...
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    Some Tips On Creating Forum Backlinks

    Great tips! I always see comments from "members" with just one or two posts while advertising a backlink, and I think it's a big no-no and it's probably why so many forums are strict with signatures and posting links. I agree with nightsparks, and I'm not even really sure what the spammers hope...
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    10 Steps Towards Successful Forum Marketing

    I think #2 is one of the most valuable mentions in your list, as I think most marketers, especially beginners tend to overlook it and just try to yield instant results. This is why I think lots of them come off as being spammy. I think having patience is the best way since at least this way the...
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    Which One is Best

    I agree that Clickbank landing pages usually look suspicious, as I even thought it to be so when I first saw a landing page from there. Still, like you've mentioned, it does seem to work for some people, and the sellers there at least seem to deliver on their promises. Add to that the fact that...
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    Clickbank Review anyone?

    I've had some success with Clickbank, by that I mean I've gotten a couple of purchases, but it took way too long and took a bit too much effort than I was prepared to spend on it. I don't know if Clickbank really shaves off their statistics or something like that, I guess we may never know, but...
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    Your Bucket List

    Do you guys have a bucket list? I myself have one, but I never really wrote anything down, though I suppose I should. I want to experience a lot of things before I pass away including skydiving, building something, and travelling to a couple of nice countries, among other things. I've...
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    I am a fan of minimalist design, not only for its appearance but also for the function it provides. An elaborate design is also nice, and of course it is called for in some cases, but at the same time, it also risks confusing some viewers as to which parts to focus on sometimes. I think this is...
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    Most Common Graphic Design Tools

    This is a good list, but I'd just like to add my favorite which is Adobe Illustrator, I use it almost exclusively. I admit it's features might not be as easy to learn and they might even seem limited at times, but the results I get from it are the ones I like the most since they turn up a lot...
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    How do I learn InDesign?

    Whenever I need to learn a new software, I just go to Youtube and pick a video that appeals to me most, or seems easy enough for me to start with. I think watching videos are the best way to learn Usually, those would suffice, especially if the software I'm trying to learn is related to one that...
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    Illustrator: how to get part of an image resized exactly with the rest proportionate?

    I'm not sure if I understood your question well enough, but from what I gather, I think what you are aiming to do might be best or easier achieved with Photoshop. Illustrator, in my opinion, is best used for creating vector objects and layouts as opposed to editing existing JPEGS in the form of...