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    Animal Crossing-like MMORPG Palia announces beta plans

    Some players can already play a new MMORPG called Palia, which ditches the frantic combat loop of most games of its kind to focus on a more carefree, comfortable experience. Palia was inspired by games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, but on a larger scale, as it offers a large world to...
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    Relic 2: Thiele's Rest Safe Code Guide

    Gunfire Games' Remnant 2 has more than its fair share of puzzles and safes, featuring an array of weapons, items and tools that players can use to their advantage while exploring the game's ever-changing world . In Lothom's Tiller's Rest, eagle-eyed players will find a crawlspace in the Iron...
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    World of Warcraft players aren't interested in new mall transmogs

    World of Warcraft's new Majestic Warden costume transmog set didn't impress many players. The new set is available on the World of Warcraft store, but few players seem to be interested in picking it up for such a hefty price. Players can prepare enough WLK Gold in the game. World of Warcraft...
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    World of Warcraft: A toy in August's trading post is a quality-of-life must-have feature

    World of Warcraft players won't want to miss out on the ethereal transforming toys from The Outpost's August catalog. This toy allows players to summon transmogrified NPCs anywhere in World of Warcraft on a short cooldown. Players can prepare enough WLK Gold in the game. Trading Posts, a...
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    Valheim Fan Creates Incredible Trap Maze for a Chicken

    Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Valheim, where epic battles, challenging quests, and creative endeavors await. Before embarking on your adventures, it is essential to have the necessary Valheim Items to aid you on your journey. In this article, we will explore the amazing creation of...
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    Final Fantasy 16: How to Obtain the Gotterdammerung Sword (Half Past Twilight Trophy)

    Prepare yourself for an epic journey filled with perilous battles and enigmatic quests in Final Fantasy 16. Before embarking on the mystical adventure to acquire the coveted Gotterdammerung Sword and unlock the Half Past Twilight Trophy, ensure you have enough Final Fantasy XVI Gil, the in-game...
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    'Overwatch' Fan Creates Life-Size Giant Roadhog Hook

    A talented Overwatch 2 fan has created a life-size Roadhog Hook that reveals just how daunting it can be to face a lanky tank in real life. While Overwatch 2 features 37 playable characters, each with iconic weapons, the Roadhog's fearsome chain hook is unforgettable. Players can prepare Cheap...
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    Diablo 4: What is Group Control

    An important feature of combat in Diablo 4 is Group Control, a class of effects that affect movement in some way. If a skill can stop, control, or limit the movement of an enemy, it is most likely because of one of Diablo 4 CC's many effects. Players can have enough Diablo IV Gold in the game...
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    Diablo 4 Players Want a Useful Feature to Make Looting Easier

    Diablo 4 makes it easy to fill one's screen with endless treasure, and unfortunately, many fans have become frustrated by the lack of a loot filter. Players have been coming up with genius ways to save space in Diablo 4's inventory, but the underlying problem has yet to be solved. With no gem...
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    Diablo 4's Ice Age Sorcerer build explained

    The Frost skills and abilities of the sorcerer in Diablo 4 are all about applying freeze and freeze status effects, as well as vulnerability to damage reduction. What Diablo 4's Frost Sorcerer lacks in terms of exploiting lethal strikes and damage dealt over time, it makes up for with the...
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    Genshin Impact players upset over Sorush incident

    Players of Genshin Impact have expressed dissatisfaction with the game's latest Sorush event in version 3.6 as the HoYoverse is ready to launch its following significant update. One of the last significant events in the Sumeru region before Genshin Impact players visit Fontaine for the first...
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    Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward reveals shipment was originally a mistake

    The well-known Call of Duty map Shipment was accidentally included in the first Modern Warfare, according to Infinity Ward. Since the minimap allows for quick interaction at every turn, many Call of Duty players employ the most recent iteration of Modern Warfare 2's crowded close-quarters maps...
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    World of Warcraft's enhanced evokers are a blessing and a curse

    The following patch for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, scheduled for release later this summer, has just been revealed. Fractures in Time, patch 10.1.5, adds an unexpected quantity of content. Particularly the evokers, who never imagined that so soon after joining World of Warcraft, they would...
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    Hogwarts Legacy PS4, Xbox One ports work really well

    The last generation of consoles saw the debut of Hogwarts Legacy, which boasts a fantastic port. Now that PS4 and Xbox gamers may play Hogwarts Legacy, it doesn't appear like their experience will be significantly worse than when they play on modern platforms, despite the fact that they will be...
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    Destiny 2: How to Get the Let There Be Light Medal

    The Guardian Games are back again in Destiny 2. Aside from all the new rewards and champion titles, the mechanics and basic formula of this festive event remain the same. Players equip a special class item and earn medals by completing event and competitor cards, which they then return to their...