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  1. Olaji

    How many forum members gives you the traffic you desire?

    I normally look at having at least 20 active members all the time during the day. They can give me the desired activities and traffic which I can make money from Google Adsense I've used to monetize my site.
  2. Olaji

    Members who use copy and paste style in introductions?

    I've seen such kind of introduction by some, people on my forum. I don't feel its a big deal. I don't expect them to have different things to say about themselves in an introduction.
  3. Olaji

    Do you have any restrictions on how a forum signature is used in your forum?

    Forum signatures are used to promote anything on forums whenever the user makes a post anywhere in the forum sections. Do you have any kind of rules and restrictions on how those forum signatures can be used in your forum? Have you banned any particular signature from being used in your forum?
  4. Olaji

    Do you like hiding your online status?

    How do you feel about your privacy when using forums as a member or the forum owner? Do you hide your online status or leave it active for people to see whenever you're online? If you have hidden tour online status before, what's the reason behind such a decision?
  5. Olaji

    How to create an OTT apps for your brand?

    Unfortunately, I haven't got any need for this in my business at the moment but I'll admit that it's a great update that's going to be very helpful for those who need it dearly in the day to day running of their business.
  6. Olaji

    Does your site have a Facebook Page?

    I've seen some websites which doesn't have a Facebook page. It's a flaw in the websites because the website is missing out on millions of traffic it would get from using Facebook.
  7. Olaji

    Facebook Pages and Groups

    It is different the way you make use of Facebook page and Facebook group. When it comes to Facebook pages, it is something you can be able to monetize and also promote in order to get more viewers on your page contents. But with Facebook group, it is by having a lot of people join your group...
  8. Olaji

    Shady Traffic

    This is a complete waste of time and it's never going to bring any positive result for your blog or website, which is the reason why I know better not to make use of such traffic generation scheme.
  9. Olaji

    Do you socialize with your coworkers?

    I have a very good relationship with my fellow coworkers. We get along very well as long as we are still at work. If we don't get along well, it's going to be very difficult for us to work together.
  10. Olaji

    How many of you have invested in cryptocurrency?

    I don't have any investment in cryptocurrency now. I have received a few payments in cryptocurrency and sold them off immediately without keeping them. I know how cryptocurrency price behaves and I don't want to lose money to the dip.
  11. Olaji

    Paying for professional website build

    It's going to be very difficult for you to get a real professional that's going to give you exactly what you're looking for here. Seek out experts from Fiverr. You will get everything you need there.
  12. Olaji

    Celebrity marketing?

    Paying for celebrity marketing is very expensive. I won't do it unless my brand is making so much money. I would rather pay for Facebook ads and it's going to drive a lot of traffic to my business website for a cheap price.
  13. Olaji

    Do you like chatting on Discord?

    Discord is a very good chat messenger. I like using it all the time and I always use it for all my gaming chat too. It's the only chat messenger I'm aware gamers make use of frequently.
  14. Olaji

    Forum signatures: a good way to advertise?

    Making use of forum signatures is one of best ways to promote your forum across multiple forums without having to pay for the promotion. I find it very useful and it's why I use it all the time.
  15. Olaji

    Does email marketing still work?

    I'm not sure if I would be interested in making use of email marketing when there are better alternatives that gives better results like social media marketing. Email marketing is a waste of time in my opinion.
  16. Olaji

    I need some help from anybody with coding/html experience

    You can actually get more information on this from YouTube channels on coding. It's my first place to go whenever I'm in such a need for this kind of information and they have never let me down. I kindly suggest that you do the same thing too.
  17. Olaji

    Do you play PC or Console games?

    I play more video games on my PC because I enjoy modding most of my games. It's very difficult for you to mod games on consoles. But I play some games on my Playstation 5 too. In fact, I enjoy playing games on both PC and consoles.
  18. Olaji

    How effective is blog commenting?

    Perhaps, it's something that works for people who make use of it but it's certainly not my first line of action. I prefer making use of forums instead of blogs when it comes to generating traffic for my website. Unless it's a blog with heavy traffic, then I will consider it.
  19. Olaji

    What is the best type of marketing?

    When it comes to the best type of marketing, everything depends on your business products and services that's going to be marketed. It's what determines the best form of marketing which is going to suit the product.
  20. Olaji

    The state of modern advertising

    The state of modern advertising as far as I'm concerned is video advertising and if you are looking at the best social media platform that's best suited for video advertising now, it's TikTok. The rate at which that social media platform is growing everyday is insane.