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    Any Good Place or Book for Learning Object Oriented PHP?

    I have been on a few sites which boast to teach PHP for free. They are good o doubt, but I have failed to find a place with any good stuff on Object Oriented PHP. The ones out there are basic stuff which teach you Classes,Objects and the Base concepts. Where they all fail is - How the heck you...
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    The importance of the right software with SEO

    With many add on applications called plugins, I guess, almost all good and popular Softwares for use on Internet can be made SEO friendly. I am not sure if SEO plugins exist for all out there, but there are definitely some good SEO plugins available for Wordpress, Joomla Drupal and that makes me...
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    I mostly use CSS3 for Gradients, Rounded Corners, and some of extended styles. Unfortunately, earlier IE doesnt support it much and though there are many issues with IE, I think that earlier versions of IE are nearing their end, and as such, though there are some areas where I opt for the CSS...
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    New to html

    As you mention that you are new to HTML, well, I would strongly suggest that DONT use any Free Templates for now. Instead, look at those templates, and try to re-create them from scratch - if you really wanna learn HTML and its Practical Usage. Once you get near to that look and feel, opt for...
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    IDE for HTML?

    There are plenty of them. Dreamweaver is good, so is codelobster or even NetBeans. Most of the IDEs today, not only confine themselves for HTML but can be used for various programming languages over the Internet. As such, they are not light weight. In case you are in need of a lightweight...
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    Free or Paid host?

    If you are building a website to learn, I would recommend trying out the free hosts as that would fit your pocket. But when you have grown into a professional and are into real time website development, definitely, the Paid Hosting is the only choice out there.
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    Can you recommend a good tutorial or book on PHP?

    Most of the books and stuff on the Internet does not teach you how to use the OOPs in PHP for building a website. Recently I found a site - tuxradar - - it is an online PHP learning book ( a good one) and it also has a few pages on how to make a website...
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    Problem with my validation script!

    You can also try out by adding - "onSubmit=validateForm();" on the <form....> line after the action property. I think that would help too without changing much on your code.
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    Browser query

    99.9% of HTML is rendered the same on all browsers. The advent of HTML5 has made things a little complicated for earlier (older browsers) but then there are hacks available for using these new tags/elements of HTML 5 for older browsers. That said, still, when we talk of complete websites, it is...
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    trying to put html examples in a html page, but page reads it as html and renders it

    Well, I guess, the error lies in the tag itself - as there is no <cody> tag in HTML. What you can do to put up code in the HTML is use the <pre> tag which renders text as is (that means non-formatted). If you want to do it as they do on many blogs out there, you would have to use plugins and...
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    Now I am finally Logged In :)

    Hi all, I was looking out for a forum on HTML and luckily landed here. When I registered, I did not get any activation email for a while, and though I was able to log in, I was not allowed to participate. Fortunately, I received the email to authenticate my account and today I am able to log in...