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    When did you start using HTML and Why?

    I was really into one of the first online MMORPGs and decided to build a guild page. It was pretty ugly and of course relied on tables for layout, but this was before CSS.
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    What would you not do for revenue?

    I'd do a flashy animated ad if it was relevant to the forum topic... certainly not any generic download or "one weird trick" ad. I also wouldn't do porn ads or any kind of popup.
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    What new features are in the "cloud computing" versions of Photoshop and Illustrator?

    What new features are in the "cloud computing" versions of Photoshop and Illustrator? There's been much grumbling over Adobe trying to force everybody to use their new cloud computing versions of their software, essentially making people rent it instead of buying. But one thing no...
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    Illustrator: how to get part of an image resized exactly with the rest proportionate?

    More than once, I've found myself wanting to resize an image in Illustrator so that some element of the image is a specific size, while the rest of the image grows or shrinks in proportion. So far the only method that somewhat works is to draw a rectangle of the needed size, and then resize the...
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    Illustrator or Photoshop?

    I prefer to use Illustrator whenever possible; I just like the ease of use of vector graphics. There's no hassle with resizing or recoloring.
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    How do I learn InDesign?

    I'd like to start setting up some little pamphlets or booklets to be printed, and I'm told Adobe InDesign is the best tool for that. Where can I find the best online tutorials? Or is there other training I should seek out?
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    What was your biggest newbie mistake?

    Everyone makes mistakes when they're new to web design. In my case it was linking several pictures to the copies on my hard drive, not the server; the page in question had been up for about a week when a complete stranger finally emailed me to let me know. Pretty embarrassing!
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    Some Tips On Creating Forum Backlinks

    I only wish the spammers would read and follow this advice! I'd have no problem with someone coming into my forum, showing themselves to be a decent member, and then putting a link to their business in their signature.
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    Do you allow HTML editing in forum posts?

    BBcode should be more than sufficient. Most users wouldn't really know what to do with HTML anyway.