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  1. EfficientNinja

    Are you always late? or are you always on time?

    I am always on time during serious appointments today. However back in my university days, I always arrive late in classes when I am arriving from home. Although I don't lag in grades because I study hard enough, my punctuality in school classes is not that great.
  2. EfficientNinja

    IDE for HTML?

    I also use Sublime Text when coding. You could also try Notepad++. Both are free software and both of them offer many plugins and themes to choose from. You can customize them to your liking and to whatever type of programming language you'll be using them,
  3. EfficientNinja

    How long do you stay awake at night

    I wouldn't even call it night. I stay awake until 4-5 AM because I play games until I feel sleepy. I hope I don't ever need to sleep because there are lots of games that I still want to play and finish! :)
  4. EfficientNinja

    Free tutorials for Meteor JS?

    Hello, HTML Forums Members! I am currently studying to be a FullStack Developer. I found Meteor JS and it looks good to learn because you will only need to use one language in the client side and server side. You use JavaScript on both ends. However, most of the tutorials that I've found looks...
  5. EfficientNinja

    Do you play PC or Console games?

    I play both console and PC games. If a game is available in the store on PC, I will play it there because I prefer playing on my computer. If a game is console exclusive, I have my PS4 and that's the time I use it to play.
  6. EfficientNinja

    Where do you get your tutorials

    I also get my free tutorials from YouTube and other sites that I get from my Google searches. When I research for free tutorials, the first few results from Google are the sites where I learn from. Tutorialspoint and W3Schools are some of them.
  7. EfficientNinja

    What makes JavaScript stand out from other programming langauges?

    JavaScript is quite easy to learn compared to other languages because you can easily do an app with just a few numbers of lines. If you compare it to other programming languages, you need more lines to accomplish what would have been very easy for JavaScript. It is a great language to learn for...
  8. EfficientNinja


    I visit forums and blogs whenever I go online to learn new things every day. I also visit video streaming sites after my day job to unwind. I also visit websites that offer jobs with flexible schedules to earn a little side cash.
  9. EfficientNinja

    Paid vs Free coding tutorials?

    Hello, HTML Forums! While searching for tutorials about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other programming languages, we will see Paid and Free courses on the internet. I personally haven't tried paid courses because most of them are expensive and some people are saying that you can look for the...
  10. EfficientNinja

    Offline or online jobs?

    I would also vote for both. You can have an online job and still attend a day job because you can do the online job any time of the day. I myself do some online jobs during my downtime at work. Since the nature of my job allows me too much free time.
  11. EfficientNinja

    Shady Traffic

    If an offer is too good to be true, it is either a scam or a someone that gives low-quality service. Does Google penalize websites that have shady traffic? It would be bad if they do and it would be counterproductive if we buy shady traffic.
  12. EfficientNinja

    Payment options?

    Paypal is what I prefer too. It has the least fees and it is convenient to convert to cash. Many websites also accept Paypal as payment and it is convenient to use the money for shopping.
  13. EfficientNinja

    What is CloudFlare for? Do you use it?

    Hello everyone! I would like to know if you are using CloudFlare for your site. What is it really for? I think 2/5 sites that I am visiting nowadays always have them on their sites. It does some checks when I arrive at their website's landing page. Does it help defend against spammers...
  14. EfficientNinja

    Cheap website hosting services?

    Thanks! I'll check Interserver if their offers are a great fit for my domain needs. I'm also currently checking Bluehost and GoDaddy right now. I think they're cheap ones too. Have you tried their services before?
  15. EfficientNinja

    Programming and my love-hate relationship for it.

    I also hated programming during my first two years in College. Come the third year we are slapped with many programming requirements. I forced myself to learn computer programming. While learning it, I thought to myself "This isn't that hard, what made me hate programming?". That was the start...
  16. EfficientNinja

    Images or videos in advertising content

    I would go with video too. It utilizes both visual and hearing senses of the people. If they hear a part of the ad that catches their attention, it could attract them to watch the whole ad. The bad thing about a video ad is if it is not engaging in the first seconds of the video, the ad will...
  17. EfficientNinja

    Best security measures against spambots

    Does CloudFlare also do spambot checking? I am not quite familiar with what it does for a website but I think it does some checking when you enter the landing page of the site. Are Captcha and CloudFlare a good security combo against spambots?
  18. EfficientNinja

    How to improve site traffic?

    Hello everyone! I'm new when it comes to creating websites and blogs. I am fond of visiting sites and blogs and I would like to start a blog of my own. I think the hard part of creating and maintaining a blog is the traffic. Without traffic, there will be no revenue for the site. Can you share...
  19. EfficientNinja

    Revenue Portal

    I think so. I'm from Asia and it's giving me an error 404 when I try to access their website. Oh well, I'll just try to find another site that I could earn some beer money from. :D
  20. EfficientNinja

    Free or Paid host?

    I'm thinking of going for a cheap hosting to start my blog/website. I think it is much better than a free hosting service. Can you recommend me some free or cheap hosting that you plan to use?