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  1. kathness

    How can I live a healthy lifestyle?

    Hey, thanks for the reply. I actually walk to and from work about 30 minutes everyday so I think that's a good start. My problem is the eating part. I can't seem to control myself. You know food and all it's temptations. Ha, but I'll try your suggestions. Anyways, thank you so much.
  2. kathness

    How can I live a healthy lifestyle?

    So I really want to be healthy. To stop eating junkfoods or drink cola but I can't seem to do it. I always plan to but as usual, I fail. I want to be healthier so that I could lose some weight and feel lighter. But how do I do that when there are lots of temptation around me? I really need help...
  3. kathness

    If You Could Have any Super Power, What Would it Be?

    I would love to have a superpower to teleport! I really want to travel but I don't have the means to. I don't have money plus I really don't like riding buses or public transportation for a long period of time. So teleportation is the superpower I would definitely prefer. Can you imagine wanting...
  4. kathness

    One food for life

    If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, I would probably have fried chicken! I mean who doesn't love fried chicken right? And it comes in many flavors so I get to choose which flavor I would want for the day. It could be spicy, original, garlic, barbeque flavored or anything that I want.
  5. kathness

    What movie genre do you prefer and what movies under that genre do you like best?

    I have watched "Girl on the Train" and it was okay for me. Maybe because I have watched far better movies than the one previously mentioned. If you liked that type of movie, I would highly recommend "Gone Girl" and "Return to Sender." These movies are both on the thriller genre and both are...
  6. kathness

    Best time to sleep?

    For me there isn't exactly a best time for sleep. I believe if you had enough sleep then that is as best as it could be. It is hard to get a full eight hour sleep everyday especially if you're a busy person and you have a lot of things to do. So having the chance to sleep for such a long time...
  7. kathness

    What movie genre do you prefer and what movies under that genre do you like best?

    Personally, I love watching romantic comedy and horror films. I know, a very weird combination indeed but that's how I like it. I appreciate movies under the romantic comedy genre because it's what I both love, to be in love and to be happy. I mean who doesn't want that right? It's the perfect...
  8. kathness

    What's your favorite series on Netflix?

    I am not into the drama genre but I think A Series of Unfortunate Events is actually good. Okay, so I would definitely watch this Netflix series now. Your review is too convincing, I tell you. I'd watch it maybe even before Mindhunter. I'm not sure how the order goes, but these two would be...
  9. kathness

    What's your favorite series on Netflix?

    May I ask what genre is A Series of Unfortunate Events in? I haven't really read the book so I don't have any idea what it is about. On the other hand, Mindhunter sounds interesting to me. I love crime and investigation shows so this might get me hooked. Anyways, thank you for these suggestions...
  10. kathness

    Best time to sleep?

    I have the same habit of staying up until 3 AM just to watch Korean dramas or Netflix. It was pretty bad since I couldn't function during the day. When I got my new job, I really discplined myself to sleep from 9-11 PM. This is so that I still have the energy to do whatever I have to do the next...
  11. kathness

    What's your favorite series on Netflix?

    See lately, I've been very addicted to Netflix series. I love 13 Reasons Why and Stranger Things. 13 Reasons Why is so heavy to watch. I mean, you could really feel the burden that Hannah went through. Stranger Things is just amazing having kids as main characters. They're super cute and...
  12. kathness

    Programming and my love-hate relationship for it.

    Hi TheInsaneSakif! Yes you should enjoy the journey. I bet you'll be a better programmer than I, when that time comes. This is because you have a natural love for programming. Also don't worry about bugs. It's normal in a program that's why debugging was invented right? And debugging is fun...
  13. kathness

    When You Can't Get to Sleep

    What do I do when I can't sleep? I start counting sheeps. I know it's kind of childish but I still do. I also do the breathing strategy where you inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. The latter is really effective though.
  14. kathness

    Programming and my love-hate relationship for it.

    I actually finished college last March 2017. I graduated Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. However, it wasn't really my first choice. Hell, I even hated it. Come first year, I wanted to shift courses already. I wasn't ready for programming and my first year was really hard for me. I...
  15. kathness

    What makes you feel motivated to work?

    What motivates me to work? Well, of course I want to provide for my family. I am not the breadwinner but it's nice to help sometimes. Another reason is I have dreams and aspirations. I work hard because I want these dreams of mine to be realized. I do imagine myself being successful someday, and...
  16. kathness

    What is your favorite food when it comes to fast food chains?

    You guys should try Jollibee's Chicken Joy! From the name itself, it will surely bring joy to anyone who eats it. Jollibee's chicken is simply perfect. It's crispy and has lots of flavor. I don't know anyone who doesn't love Chicken Joy in our country, the Philippines. So that says a lot, right...
  17. kathness

    Offline or online jobs?

    I am doing an offline job right now and I haven't really experienced working online. I enjoy working offline since I can socialize with people and make friends with them. But, I'd really like to try working online because I've heard the pay is really good. I want to become an ESL teacher since...
  18. kathness

    Hi to everyone. It's nice to be here!

    Hi mitan143! Wow, that's a lot to learn. I would try visiting the site you mentioned as I will start studying web development as well. I hope this site is good for beginners since I really have little knowledge about web development. Thank you for the suggestion and I do hope we both learn more...
  19. kathness

    Does anyone have an established website for sale?

    I think you can't really buy pretty good established websites now. I wanna buy one too. I've heard there's lots of profit making in buying websites. I do not know how it actually works, but I am really interested.
  20. kathness

    Hi to everyone. It's nice to be here!

    Hello there! I am Katherine, a newbie as well. I haven't had the chance to do web development so I'd like to learn how to start. I am currently working as a programmer but I don't have any experience in web development. I have heard it's not that complicated as compared to Turbo C or other...