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    Adfly/CoinURL thoughts?

    I never tried CoinURL, does it pay more then Adfly? I'm currently using Adfly on one of my sites, and I'd like a alternative site that pays better.
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    Illustrator or Photoshop?

    I only use Photoshop so that's the one I prefer. I never used Illustrator before, but Photoshop is what's recommended by nearly everyone for graphic design.
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    How long did it take you to learn CSS?

    I'm not really sure. I never learned CSS through tutorials, and I learned from just reading the code over time. I was editing layouts, and that's how I learned CSS. I looked up a few CSS tutorials, but I never followed any CSS tutorials word for word.
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    If you could change HTML...

    I agree. The comments should be more simple, you have to type too many characters for comments in HTML.
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    What web hosting services to use?

    I recommend JustHost, they're a cheap and reliable shared hosting company. If you want a VPS or Dedicated server I heard Knownhost is pretty good.
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    Where did you find HTML?

    I was playing on Neopets about 8 years ago, and I want to customize my guild which needed HTML. That's how I got started with HTML, and after that I got interested in building sites.
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    Any good tutorials on learning Web Fundamentals?

    W3Schools is a great site to learn the basics. However, if you prefer video tutorials then I recommend checking out TheNewBoston.
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    Is it worth it to learn PHP OOP?

    I've been programming in PHP & MySQL for years, but I never got around to learning PHP OOP because I hate learning new programming languages, but I enjoy programming. Do you think it's worth it to learn OOP? What are some of the benefits of PHP OOP?