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  1. Dori

    Illustrator or Photoshop?

    This modern generation is going to choose Photoshop mostly but those of us who's been in graphics design for years will always tell you that Adobe Illustrator is the best deal you can have with any designing software.
  2. Dori

    Have been involved with Ponzi?

    MMM is a very big company that had its boots deep into ponzi scheme. I wonder how or why the government never did anything to shut them down early before they crashed and disappeared with investors billions of dollars? To me, it's looking like the government have a hand in the company's ponzi...
  3. Dori

    My Gmail can't sync

    It might be a problem from your server or simply your internet connection. If you're sure both those two are not the issue, then there's a possibility that your account is hacked just like @Alfred Smith suggested.
  4. Dori

    Images or videos in advertising content

    I make use of both images and videos whenever I'm marketing any of my products. There's no way I'm going to use only pictures. I might use only videos but not only pictures.
  5. Dori

    What you don't need because of technology advancement?

    It's going to be using fire wood to cook food. It's what we used to cook food decades ago when I was still staying with my grandmother. Now, it's gas cooker and electric cooker we use.
  6. Dori

    What do you do to advertise your site?

    Sometimes, a lot of people say that it's not usually effective to advertise using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote one's website. But it's something that I do often as well as promoting on forums too. I use Bizdustry and Forum Promotion to do so.
  7. Dori

    Do you wear wrist watch?

    Wearing a wrist watch is something that I can't do without. It's one of the first things that I bring out for my dressing up before going to take my bath. Without wearing a wrist watch, it feels like I'm not complete.
  8. Dori

    Green Hosting

    I have used Green Hosting Services for a while in the past but at one point, I had to drop their services. I moved onto BlueHost services and later down to Namecheap.
  9. Dori

    Do you use Power Bank?

    Yes, I make use of Power Bank. With how erratic power supply is in my locality, it's going to be suicide not having a power bank. Even right now, it's what I'm using to charge my phone.
  10. Dori

    how to create an impressive website?

    You're absolutely right about making sure that your new website stays mobile-friendly. This is because over 80% of your website visitors are doing so through the use of their mobile or smartphone. If your website rendering isn't set up to me mobile friendly, you will find it very difficult to...
  11. Dori

    Do you play PC or Console games?

    I play both PC and console video games. Although, I play more on my Playstation 4. PC games are very good especially some of the RPG's out there. I'm looking forward to getting my PS5 soon.
  12. Dori

    How often do you go hiking?

    Hiking isn't my thing at all. I prefer doing my thing in the gym. I have tried out hiking once but I never liked it. Maybe I would join a new group and see how good it might be with them.
  13. Dori

    Do you promote your forum on other forums?

    Sometimes, I made use of forum signatures to promote my forum in other forums as long as it's allowed by the owner. I have used a few banner advertising on some forums that are very active in order to have new members join me from there.
  14. Dori

    How many hours do you code everyday?

    It's not something that I do very frequently now. Some years ago, I used to code for at least 4 hours every day because it was a good hobby of mine. I have moved on from that hobby now.
  15. Dori

    Who would like to be a truck driver?

    I don't like driving myself to be very honest with you. So, driving small cars is a very big problem for me and not to talk about big trucks. I won't even get into one and not to talk about driving it myself.
  16. Dori

    Favorite coding language and why

    It's only Javascript that I have been experimenting with for a while now and I'm very good at it. It's one of the easiest that I have used. I'm still going to get into using CSS.
  17. Dori

    What's your favorite online advertising?

    If you have been making use of online advertising for your business products or services, which one have been your best that brings better sales results? Some of the best one's that I have used are ; Display advertising, mobile advertising and social media marketing.
  18. Dori

    How do companies decide whether they should have a mobile version of their website or not?

    I believe that it's from the reviews of their website visitors. It's always known that application version of websites makes it a bit more easier for users to access the website. It's all that makes a company deicide to create an app.
  19. Dori

    Have you heard about InstaGC?

    If you have ever heard anything about survey website, this is one of them. A friend of mine recently introduced me to this survey website where you can earn $3-$5 on daily basis. Although, their services is limited to some countries but you have to try and find out if it's available for you...
  20. Dori

    How do you save your money?

    It's not possible for me save all my money at home. Even if I have a safe or vault at home, it's still now safe and insured like the money you have in your bank account. I have money at home but I don't call it saving money at home.