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    Making a html form from pdf

    Honestly your best bet is to make this form fillable using an online PDF editor. Then embed the editor into a webpage and use PHP to instruct the site to provide a blank from the master of this form for each new applicant. Then instruct the PHP to automatically save this form under a specified...
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    Help needed with landing page

    So web serving software is setup to look for a specific page to load if one is not specified. Rename your landing page to index.html or whatever html code you are using, e.g. PHP, XHTML, ASPX and so on. Rename your menu page to something easy to remember, such as menu.html or whatever the code...
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    How to hide the address bar in a popup window in HTML?

    The problem is that modern browsers focus on implementing security and transparency to their users. window. Open is the proper JavaScript call but most browsers may ignore the request for a frameless browser window. In terms of using JavaScript, you may have better luck using a JavaScript...
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    Newbie needs coding advise

    So, basically, HTML itself is not going to allow you to monitor or restrict who and how much is allowed to download and what. Restrictions are going to need server side programming such as PHP, along with scripts such as JavaScript. You are also going to want to use a Database program to store...
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    Horizontal Overflow Issues

    I am having trouble with horizontal overflow as soon as my webpage goes below the height of the browser. I am unsure where I am having trouble in my css code. Any help would be grateful. Thank you! @import url("")...