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  1. gulshan212

    How do Affiliate Programs and lead generation connect?

    As we know, within lead generation through content, affiliates leverage content marketing to promote products and educate potential customers through valuable content such as reviews, tutorials, or blog posts. How do affiliate programs and lead generation intersect within the digital marketing...
  2. gulshan212

    How to find the best UX design bootcamps

    Well, for the past few weeks, I have been searching for the best UI/UX design bootcamps on the internet, but it has become overwhelming to choose the best one for me. According to this post rating is not the exact factor to find the best one for you. My concern is that what are the parameter to...
  3. gulshan212

    Struggling With an HTML Signature

    Well, in my opinion, if you want to improve the compatibility of your email signature, you can follow the below steps. 1. Inline your CSS. 2. Use tables for layout 3. Specify the dimension of your image. Thanks
  4. gulshan212

    How Can I Increase My Website Traffic?

    Well, there are lots of steps that you can follow to increase traffic to your website; some of them, which are most common and most popular, are listed below: 1. Quality content 2. SEO 3. Guest posting 4. Guest post blogging 5. Email marketing 6. Online marketing I hope it will help you, and you...
  5. gulshan212

    What is your best music online website?

    Well, there are lots of websites for the best music; however, there are some that I use and recommend, which are listed below: 1. YouTube music 2. Spotify 3. Amazon music 4. Apple music 5. Pandora Thanks
  6. gulshan212

    Script not working

    Well, you have define your function incorrectly, you must try this code to fix this issue. Thanks
  7. gulshan212

    What's your favorite AI tool?

    Well, there are lots of AI tools that I like most. @Bawon ChatGPT is also one of them. If talk about voice AI tools Google Asistant and Amazon Alexa are my favorite. Thanks
  8. gulshan212

    Software Question

    Well, first you need to write your simple HTML code in Notepad, then you need to save that file with .html extension and then open it a web browser. Thanks
  9. gulshan212

    Software Question

    Well, I will recommend you to choose notepad or visual studio code, both are good options. Thanks
  10. gulshan212

    Tips of Content Marketing

    Well, in my opinion and in very honest and simple words for me, if we are able to understand the behavior of our audience and can deliver them the same content, what exactly they are looking for?. I also say that before anything else, audience demands should be your priority. Thanks
  11. gulshan212

    My code won't output anything...

    Well, there are some logical errors with your code, you can try below code to fix this error. Thanks
  12. gulshan212

    Website For News

    Well, if you are looking to develop website for news then you can take help from Youtube and Github and I will also recommend you to take help from this community also i.e. Secondly I also searched about it on the internet and I found this post where author listed 15+...
  13. gulshan212

    Where can I hire an web designers ?

    Well, there are lots of platforms where you can hire any kind of individuals as per your requirement such as social media, Linkedin,, freelancer plaform and many more. I will recommend you that you should organize a design contest and as per contest which you feel better you can hire...
  14. gulshan212

    Design to Html

    Well, you can use Adobe Illustrator and then convert the design into HTML code.
  15. gulshan212

    Images are not uploaded

    Hello this is Gulshan Negi Well, please clear your question with detailed information. Are you trying to upload images in website and not able to do that or is there is a problem of HTMl coding? Please clear it. Thanks
  16. gulshan212

    Offline or Online marketing?

    Hello this is Gulshan Negi Well, in my opinion, the choice between offline and online marketing depends on various factors, such as nature of your business and your target audience. A well-balanced strategy that incorporates both offline and online marketing can be highly effective, despite the...
  17. gulshan212

    How to Generate Random Numbers in Java

    Extend form Using the java.lang.Math class: public class RandomNumberGenerator { public static void main(String[] args) { // Generate a random double between 0.0 (inclusive) and 1.0 (exclusive) double randomDouble = Math.random(); // Generate a random integer...
  18. gulshan212

    How to format Table Cols

    Ok, Thanks
  19. gulshan212

    How to format Table Cols

    Hello this is Gulshan Negi Yes, you are on a right track. If you want to apply different styles to each column in your table, you can use HTML and CSS. Here's an example of how you can modify your code to include the desired text alignment and background color: print "<tr><td...
  20. gulshan212

    Not Generating All Results - Any Ideas?

    Hello this is Gulshan Negi Well, I searched about it, there was some error in function, you can update you code with below one. import random def select_word(): words_in_computer_memory = ['magazine','stars','computer','python','organisation'] word =...