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    When You Can't Get to Sleep

    That's quite the opposite for me. If I surf the net, I will end up being up the whole night through. I always have to force myself to shutdown my computer so that I can get some sleep. It's the net that's keeping me awake not the other way round.
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    Can You Tell When People are Lying?

    You have a point there. Strangely, liars think that they have good memories when in actual fact they don't. Like you said, if you have a good memory, you will be able to catch out the liars eventually. Myself, I don't really try to catch anyone out when they are lying. I take the attitude that...
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    Annoying Famous People

    There's one guy that really irks me. This person is Johnny Savile. It really makes me angry to see how he had managed to wreck havoc on so many innocent lives and got away with it while he was still alive. It also makes me wonder how many celebrities still alive today are taking part in criminal...
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    Jobs aside from your website.

    Actually if you put your mind to it, there is no need to work at a nine to five job to make a living. The internet is truly the land of opportunities. There are so many ways to making money on the net. The only problem is that some people forget that you can only reap what you sow. They expect...
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    What web hosting services to use?

    I have just started using a new host. It's GeekStorage. Yes, the name doesn't exactly sound like it's run by men in suits. However their services are pretty good. For a start, their servers are run on a combination of SSD and SAS drives. The databases are on SSD while the rest of the files are...
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    Yes, the real traffic and the real followers are the ones which bring home the bacon, so to say. However, having said that, I must also say the this real approach takes a lot more work and time. Unfortunately not everyone is that hardworking or patient like you. So they look for shortcuts...
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    Where is the General HTML topics located?

    Please have a look at what's in this link: Is that what you are looking for? Or are you looking for something else?
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    Sites you wish you built

    There's one other site which intrigues me. It has what some unkind people calls one of the ugliest designs in cyber space. Yet it's a popular site. I am talking about Craiglist. Since I am all thumbs with design, I would love to be able to create a site with content like that.
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    Free or Paid host?

    7usd for a vps? Why not? The cheapest vps I have ever used costs me only 00.99usd per month. It had only 64Mb ram. What can I do with 64Mb ram? Plenty of things. Especially like learning how to set up a super small server. Unfortunately that service is not running anymore. For 7usd I can get a...
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    Yes, I like that. One reason is that I am hopeless with design. So the less designing, the better. The other reason is that I believe content is the main focus on my site. So I don't want the design to distract the visitors.
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    What would you not do for revenue?

    I have a simple rule about ads. If it's something I hate to see when I visit other sites, then I won't put it on mine. For starters, I won't use or any other system like that. It's very annoying. Also I won't use flash because I hate slow loading pages. Another offender are ads that...
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    Which IDE do you use?

    I haven't done as much programming lately as I would like to. However when I do, I like to use Bluefish. It's quite an intelligent editor. You can get it here:
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    how much do you charge per hour vs experience?

    Yes, you calculate your fixed price according to your estimate of how many hours you need to finish the job. Plus extra time for making changes after delivering the job. Don't forget to include after-sales service in your fixed price. You can make it such that there is a residual hold-over...
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    Request for a tutorial

    Yes, I have looked at Lynda. I have friends who told that it's worth the money. Now what do you mean by 'or maybe you won't'? Is there a way to get the Lynda tutorials without paying for it? Come on, share your secrets.
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    10 Steps Towards Successful Forum Marketing

    I agree with number 7 because that's what I do most of the time, when I am not being a general busybody. However, I believe number 6 takes precedence. A forum is a community. In real life, you don't move into a new neighborhood and start shooting off your mouth. That would be a good way to get...
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    Theoretically designing a site from the ground up

    If I were to design a site from scratch, which I am very unlikely to do since I am a very lazy person who never codes anything that can be copied, I would take a piece of paper and a pencil and sketch a rough idea of what it should look like first. Then I will rough out a flow chart to see...
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    Do you allow HTML editing in forum posts?

    Never thought of allowing HTML in posts. I thought that's the kind of thing which can really mess up a page. Right? Bbcodes are good enough to add some extra flourish to a post.
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    Can You Tell When People are Lying?

    No, I am not good at that. I don't really care that much, too. Let people say what they want. I am only interested in how they affect my actual life. If what they say doesn't affect my life, it doesn't matter if they are telling the truth or they are telling lies.
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    Marketing on Yahoo Answers

    Like post my own questions and answer them myself with another account? I have tried this kind of thing before when I was paid to populate a new forum. I am afraid I am not good at this kind of this because I get confused very easily and end up not knowing whether I am coming or going, so to say.
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    What do you do to advertise your site?

    I do a lot of talking about my sites. I talk about my sites on Facebook and Twitter. I talk about my sites on forums. Actually I don't mention my sites by names. What I actually do is talk about the things which form the content of my sites.