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    Who Is ready To Show Me How To Create A Nice Logo?

    I believe both of those fonts came stock with Adobe Photoshop although there are some nice fonts freely available on the web if you are looking for something specific. For the icons, that's exactly what I did actually. The rook was actually a picture of a real chess piece but the tree shape I...
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    What would you not do for revenue?

    I do not think you should even be considering revenue/monetization until your site has a decent amount of sustainable traffic, at least a few thousand hits per month minimum.
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    Request for a tutorial

    I recently applied for a job for which the company's career site used flash. However javascript is the way of the future, it uses less bandwidth generally and can be run from most smart phones and tablets without an additional plugin which is very important these days.
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    How Fast Do You Type?

    Last time I checked I was around 50 words per minute however I normally never type this fast because I am thinking as I type and rephrasing my sentences as opposed to in a typing speed test where you are simply copying the text from the line above.
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    IDE for HTML?

    That's because HTML doesn't require compiling or debugging in the way that procedural programming languages do so a simple text editor with syntax highlighting and maybe auto-completion is good enough. Sublime text 2 looks good but I am personally not interested in paying for something when...
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    Looking for some affiliates for my blog...

    Amazon has a great affiliate program I know. Also they sell almost everything so I don't see why it wouldn't be appropriate for your blog. (not sure about the comic books though)
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    Does anyone have an established website for sale?

    Also I just wanted to add that you are right in thinking all the sites you found look like scams. People generally do not sell established, successful websites unless it is for a fairly high price by most site shoppers budgets. There are lot's of people however who try to make a quick buck by...
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    Who Is ready To Show Me How To Create A Nice Logo?

    Here's a few logos I have done: Its quite simple really, use photoshop or whichever image editing software you use to apply different effects to the text, choose an elegant and easy to recognize font and perhaps integrate a small icon design in there somewhere (although not mandatory)...
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    Any Good Place or Book for Learning Object Oriented PHP?

    Whenever I pass over the web development section at my local book store I never find any shortage of books on this subject. A lot of them give code/solutions in the book for common projects in web development. Here's a few I found on amazon...
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    The importance of the right software with SEO

    Many people do not realize how important using the right software can be for SEO. Certain CMSs, forums, or eCommerce products are much much better than others are optimizing your site for search engines. I noticed this on my forum which runs myBB and is part of what made me realize I need to...
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    Creating a store

    Well if you just want to mess around with some eCommerce software then you can download XAMPP for windows and setup a local installation with one of the programs Mik listed in his post.
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    how much do you charge per hour vs experience?

    Yes, that does sound reasonable to me. What type of stuff do you normally do? Because even setting up or installing basic software does require a certain level of expertise.
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    Anyone looknig for a reasonable price on hosting?

    That's true however for me I have lot's of sites I need hosted anyways and this is the best way to do it for me without having to worry about managing a VPS. My clients generally don't care where it is hosted as long as their site functions nicely and aren't being charged an outrageous fee. It...
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    margin vs padding?

    Basically you are correct, padding applies to the inside of the container while margins apply to the outside. The best way to test the difference is to you create an element with a border and then adjust the padding and margin to see what they do. You should note however that margins won't...
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    How Often Do You Code?

    Well when I'm in school (computer engineering) I do some type of coding at least a few times a week however now that I'm on break and not working at a coding job I am doing it much less however I do do some web design work on the side so its not like I have gone completely cold turkey.
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    It is good that you are doing this. Google is constantly updating their algorithms and in the long run people who try to cheat the system only end up hurting themselves.
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    Does anyone have an established website for sale?

    What are you looking to do with it? I assume since you gave those topics you have some knowledge in the area and could produce content for the site?
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    Encrypting HTML

    I've seen IonCube before and it is somewhat necessary I guess because PHP is not a compiled language so it is so easy for anyone to look at the source code of the software they are running which most commercial developers want to avoid. HTML however should never have confidential data in it that...
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    Dreamweaver any good?

    I've used it before and I would say to stay away from it entirely. There is literally no need for it these days with content management systems doing all of what Dreamweaver used to do.
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    Why learn Jquery

    Also the book "Head First jQuery" is a good one to check out if you are serious about learning.