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  1. J

    Offline or Online marketing?

    Word of mouth is the best marketing I heard somewhere. I suppose that would be offline. What do you all think? Well, actually it could be either.
  2. J

    SEO Companies

    Who has tried them? What are the results? Who do you recommend? Does anyone avoid SEO companies and why?
  3. J

    Do you promote your forum on other forums?

    I don't have a forum now. However, when I did, I used social media to get people. However, the one exception was a website promotion forum.
  4. J

    How would you compare SEO for Bing with Google etc?

    What is the same? What is different? Where have you tried SEO? Did you try it on Bing?
  5. J

    Forums vs social Media

    Forums are fun. However, they simply aren't what they used to be. Social media has taken over, whether you resent the fact or not.
  6. J

    Does email marketing still work?

    I don't like email that much because of the spam. I mean, even if I signed up for stuff, there's a big chance I won't open it. Who feels the same way?
  7. J

    How often do you go hiking?

    One fun thing is hiking and camping. I'd like to get into that. Anyway, I've slept in cars in below zero weather, so I could handle it probably.
  8. J

    Who would like to be a truck driver?

    A big problem is getting enough cardio and sleep. However, I'm sure there are ways to get it. However, a lot of truckers cheat.
  9. J

    What makes you feel happy?

    It teaches a "better life". I wonder why so many find it boring. Anyway, there are big rewards for service even in this life.
  10. J

    Who took web development courses in school?

    It was interesting to get acquainted with a tool needed for web design. It was something like notepad for coders. Anyway, the instructor was interesting. He was a part-time cop, I think.
  11. J

    Who took computer programming courses in school?

    I took Visual Basic, C ++, C #, and Java. It was very interesting. However, considering it was so long ago, I wonder how much is different now.
  12. J

    Paid vs Free coding tutorials?

    I'd say free ones are just as useful or maybe more useful these days. However, it can be hard to find free stuff sometimes. In that case, paying might be a way to get what you want easier.
  13. J

    SEO Strategy for 2022

    What are some new things to talk about? What are some old things still useful? Have you applied new SEO stuff to your own website or the website of another? How is your progress?
  14. J

    Link Development for 2022

    What are some new methods? What are some old things that are currently useful? Where have you gotten your tips on this stuff? Has this stuff helped your SEO?
  15. J

    Who would like to be a truck driver?

    I might be going on the road with my brother-in-law with his trucking situation. Anyway, it sounds exciting. However, I may not want to do it forever. Well, I'd like to go to a Bible college and focus on that.
  16. J

    What makes you feel happy?

    I like being a Christian. It makes me happy. Well, I am supposed to put it first and when I do, I am the most happy.
  17. J

    How often do you go hiking?

    I love hiking also. Well, I lived at my mom's house for a long time and it had a lot of mountains around it - where I had easy access. Anyway, I still like to hike, but it takes effort to get to some national forest or something.
  18. J

    Do you like working online or offline?

    I like doing both. Anyway, I think people need real contact with other humans. People can develop as a better person that way.
  19. J

    Who took computer programming courses in school?

    I took some at a community college. They were massively useful. However, though, I did strongly study a lot of coding between 2000 and 2010, when I had also went to community college.
  20. J

    Who took web development courses in school?

    I took some courses at a university. It was very helpful to learn HTML design. Nonetheless, most of my web development chops were developed outside of school.