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    What single SEO technique works best for you?

    LUCK! I don't really know what I'm doing but post articles everywhere. I tend to rank longtails quite well along with a few exact matches.
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    Microsoft ads Still Offer Free Credit?

    I have had a look about on their site and can't see anything but a friend told me they still do them. Anyone have a link?
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    Advice about Affiliate programs?

    Amazon offer a great affiliate program. There's also the likes of G2A. WinRar offer stupid money for sign ups but why would anyone pay for it? lol
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    What web hosting services to use?

    HostSlick was reviewed on here and I went for them on reading the article. No problems so far and only 15 EUR a year for unlimited domains. Here's the review:
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    Domain For Sale:

    How did it go SEO wise? Does it have any manual actions or a bad spam score? You should post these deets in the thread, mate :)
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    Where to Post Backlinks

    I understand that I need to write articles and post them around for backlinks. My issue is where to post them. Can somebody please give me a few examples?
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    Any Good Place or Book for Learning Object Oriented PHP?

    Some of his techniques are sloppy but he does offer a solid course on the fundamentals. As long as you know not to mimic his bad practices.
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    Intro to HTML Forums

    Hi, what do you need help with? Post here or feel free to throw me a PM and I'll see what I can do.
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    Jumping Giraffes: My Reviews Site

    I have started a reviews site where I plan to use a mixture of affiliate programs to monetize it. I am reliant on SEO so the visit count isn't yet all that great. I hope that as I add more content I will get organic traffic:
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    Best Food Recipes Website

    If you need any recipes to add to the site, let me know. I have been cooking for my family for years and have acquired a lot over the years lol.
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    How to remove containers from HTML web page?

    Closing tags </div>. Glad it worked out for you, mate. Good luck on your project :).
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    how to start to learn php

    Youtube, Youtube and more Youtube. I have always found YT to be a great learning resource for a whole manner of topics.
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    How to remove containers from HTML web page?

    Hi, I only had a brief look at this, but I think your problem lies in this: <div class="BlackBox"> Take that div away (don't forget closing tags) and see if that helps.
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    TechyNoobs _ want to grow, get connected with me.

    Looks pretty sweet. A ton of information and well laid out. I would be proud of this, if it was mine.
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    Suggestion: Raspberry Pi Section

    I concur. A section like this would probably open up the opportunity for heaps of threads and new visitors. Quite a broad topic.
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    Hello developpers !

    I'll also go and have a peek at this. Can you further explain the issue in any way? I am having trouble understanding the exact issue :)
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    Ecommerce Site Or Ebay?

    I think an e-commerce site looks a lot more professional and has more of an air of a competent and established business.
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    Blackhat SEO

    I've known many people to fall into this trap. I definitely wouldn't advise it, it's just not worth the risk. Parasite SEO is good, but very short-lived.