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    How long do you stay awake at night

    Yeah, that's right. I just can't find right now the company who has just one shift or just pure day shift account. Having not enough sleep really affected my immune system. Well, just few months to go, anyway thanks sir.
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    How long do you stay awake at night

    Well, I think quitting my job is the best solution, and I'm almost there, I'm just working in this kind of company for better salary compare to other normal job. Sometimes I think that, they give us above salary for our hospitalization in the future. :)
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    If you had a remote control that would operate anything, what would you control?

    I will control the time to stop for a while and I will sleep as long as I can. Controlling the time is the best for me right now.
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    What is your best music online website?

    I always listen to my favorite music on YouTube. I think it's still the best for me. There're a lot of channels which has same genre with me. I love watching some music video and playing some playlist there.
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    Forums vs social Media

    That's the good thing about the forums, members are there to participate on specific topic, that's why if you going to advertise there with specific topic, I'm sure they will become interested, compare to social media which is looks like a general discussion.
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    Are you always late? or are you always on time?

    Yeah, that's right, Actually my daily routine before I sit on my station or in the office is to have an energy drink and light up 1 cigarette, I included that on my time, so, 15 minutes before my time to work, I should be in the office.
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    How long do you stay awake at night

    The good think in our company is, we have a gym, and some sports materials to use or equipment, we also have a mini arcade to enjoy, but the problem is we are too sleepy to play that, and I think it's not good to play sports or go to gym if your body is lack of sleep, maybe you will end up in...
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    How long do you stay awake at night

    I'm working in a BPO company as customer service, this is the most in demand job right now in our country. You're right, lack of sleep makes me feel like a zombie actually, LOL, but I can sacrifice my sleep for better salary. Well, I'm almost there to quit my job and find another one, my...
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    Favorite fast food chain

    Chowking for me, specially their lauriat. I really like that and it's complete. This is enough for me during the whole day. I'm not really into burger, and somehow I like the chinese foods.
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    Are you always late? or are you always on time?

    Honestly both, but most of the time, just on time. It's really hard to come late. Much better to have even just 10 mins before your time, that's enough to just get relax before doing your job.
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    NBA's Greatest Player of All time

    It's still Michael Jordan. During MJ era, we all know how physical the NBA compare right now, If MJ can average around 32 to 35 points during that time, what more in this LBJ era? The soft player and calls from referee will definitely give MJ 50 points average every seasons. LOL.
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    Firefox or Chrome?

    Didn't you encounter any problem with firefox right now or recently? I think there's something wrong with that browser, it's getting slow and always lagging.
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    How long do you stay awake at night

    My body clock is already dead, because every month, I have a new schedule. The best place for me to sleep is just during my travel going to work, while riding some public utility vehicles, and the best way for me to sleep early, is to drink beer.
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    Why can't I find any PC's with Windows 7?

    I think it's normal, They are promoting their products and showing that it's updated. You should just download the windows 7, and install it on your own if you want to use windows 7 OS.
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    How Fast Do You Type?

    My average is 55 to 60 words per minute, with 98% accuracy, both numeric and alpha, When I was in college I enrolled this summer course to become proficient in typing, but these gamers are able to type fast more than on my average by just keep playing games. LOL..
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    How long do you stay awake at night

    While riding a bus going to work and going back home, is the best place for me to sleep lol, and sometimes I will just sleep during my 1 hour break, I really don't have any specific time to sleep, my body clock is dead because of this work, changing shift every month.
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    How is the weather in your area

    I had that same experience, the flood is all over the house, there's no electricity, heavy rain, thunder, it was looks like a doomsday. lol. But it was actually normal in the Phil. :)
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    Annoying Famous People

    Yeah, you're right, I think for me, once you hurt a woman, you're not a man anymore, but the problem about these victims, they accept the money or offer to stop the case, that's why this maywether keep doing that to another woman.
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    How long do you stay awake at night

    Until 4 or 5 am, and sometimes I will go to work without sleep. I really don't know why I can't sleep and what keeps me awake, but sometimes my mind keeps thinking about a scenario for my future, like creating another character which I should suppose to be.
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    How is the weather in your area

    Heavy rain in our country, and the news said, the rain mm or millimeter for the past three days is the average mm of rain falls in the month of June, that's why some of the places right now in our country is looks like a big resort because of flood.